15 EXO Fashion Disasters That Will Haunt The Members And EXO-Ls Forever

No one will ever forget these outfits, whether they want to or not!

Idols are always seen as the kings and queens of fashion and fans are always looking for a little outfit inspiration from them, but sometimes even they have off days. Fans have long held that EXO‘s stylists have done a great job with the members but in the past, that hasn’t always been the case. Here are just a few cases of EXO fashion disasters that will probably continue to haunt the members and their fans for the rest of their lives.


1. Their 2016 Golden Disc Award pieces

Many Korean EXO-Ls despised these outfits and thought they looked like something potential gang members would wear.


2. Suho and D.O.’s infamous matching airport outfits

Not many people were big fans of this look. But you got to give it to them that they went all out from head to toe!


3. Baekhyun’s “Wolf” styling

Most EXO-Ls agree that “Wolf” era was a dark time for EXO’s styling. And it all started with what some people call Baekhyun’s “poodle” look.


4. D.O.’s totally chained out look


5. The legendary princess puffs

Let’s just say that EXO-Ls came up with a number of incredibly creative ways to show their displeasure over this outfit.


And even former member Tao got a taste of the incredibly poofy sleeves!


6. The sleeve saga continues

D.O.’s sleeves got upgraded from princess style…to salsa dancer style!


7. The Hawaiin shirt problem

Fans weren’t horrified by these outfits but they also couldn’t understand why they were all wearing Hawaiin print shirts.


8. The pants of great debate

Some fans love them, others not so much, but “History” had those iconic pants that you can’t help but remember!


9. The “can he actually see” hair

Kai’s had some interesting hairstyles over the years and fans have loved almost all of them.




Because they weren’t big on these styles where they couldn’t see his beautiful eyes!


10. “Wolf” era strikes again

A little too much was going on for many fans’ tastes.


11. Kai’s head-scratching sandal boots

Sandals or boots? Nobody really knew what they were!


12. D.O.’s feather fun

Those iconic feathers…


That has made fans wonder what their stylists were really thinking.


13. The facepaint from another dimension


14. “Can he see” take two

Well, at least Suho was definitely able to see out of one of his eyes with this hairstyle.


15. The meme-worthy outfit

Another look that fans couldn’t help but create a ton of memes from!


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