15 Jennie And Kai Couple Edits That Are Now More Truth Than Fiction

These photos aren’t just wishful thinking anymore.

Many K-Pop fans use their photo editing skills to bring their favorite ships together on digital paper, but it’s impossible to know which of these couples will become a reality. When it does happen, fans rejoice! Here are 15 BLACKPINK Jennie and EXO Kai edits that are now more truth than fiction.


1. This cover that Elle needs to shoot for real


2. Like, seriously Elle!


3. This sweet embrace that’s straight out of a K-Drama


4. This on-stage selfie moment


5. This off-stage selfie


6. This fanservice that needs to happen ASAP


7. This adorable moment fans would love to see at a concert


8. This radio show guest appearance


9. These perfect date outfits


10. This loving look


11. This super sexy pictorial…


12. …and this one too!


13. These perfectly coordinated couple clothes


14. This red carpet appearance


15. This duet that needs to happen immediately, if not sooner

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