20 Photos Of EXO Kai’s Duality That Will Make You Feel Incredibly Soft And Then Flustered AF

How? Just, how?

One of the biggest mysteries of K-Pop is how EXO‘s Kai can go from being our cute Nini bear to sexy dance master of the stage. It’s one that we’ll probably never know the answer to so why not sit back and enjoy some photos of Kai that will make you feel super soft one minute and then attacked the next!


1. Kai can make you go “awww” one minute…


2. And “damn, boy” the next!


3. He’s cute as a button


4. But don’t let that fool you!


5. Just a cutie quenching his thirst…


6. And making fans thirsty AF too!


7. That smile is bad for our hearts…


8. But serious Kai is just as dangerous


9. Such a sweet Kai


10. And then he does this


11. He attacks with his cuteness


12. And with his sexiness too


13. There’s our baby bear!


14. And there’s the sexy dance machine whose gaze will make you melt


15. King Kai back at it again


16. Definitely back at it again


17. He’s just a pouty cutie!


18. Who also turns things up to 1000 degrees!


19. Aww! He’s so sweet and adorable!


20. And hot as hell!