15 Of EXO Kai’s Legendary Fancams That Have Reached Over 1 Million Views

It’s impossible to look away when Kai dances.

EXO‘s Kai has always fascinated everyone with his magnetic charisma on stage. These 15 legendary fancams, boasting over 1 million views, prove that the entire world is in love with every single one of his performances.

1. “I See You”

All we see is Kai.

2. Kai’s Solo At The 2018 Winter Olympics

Sometimes, the official accounts for the Olympics are EXO stan accounts, and who can blame them?

3. “Call Me Baby”

With 2.7 million views on Twitter, 1.9 million on TikTok, and 1.2 million on Youtube, this fancam is proof that every EXO song is legendary.


APA INI MISKAH #kai #kimjongin #exo #callmebaby #dance #fyp


4. “Spoiler”

How is this not an official song yet?

5. “Vanilla”

Different stages, but this part of “Vanilla” will remain superior.


can’t believe I saw this live😩 #exo #kai #jongin #exol #kpopflex #kpopflexkai #kaivanilla #fypシ #badalee

♬ i was never there – xxtristanxo

6. “Mmmh”

8 million views for the queen, “Mmmh” (as well as a compilation of Kai completely filling the stage with his presence even though he’s all alone).


He said he said #kai #exo #mmhm #waterbomb #waterbomb2022 #fyp #foryoupage #seoul #korea

♬ 음 Mmmh – KAI

7. SBS Gayo Daejun “Love Shot”

During this special stage of “Love Shot,” Kai stole everyone’s breath away.

8. “Love Shot”

Though the original fancam with 20+ million views has been deleted, everyone knows that Kai dancing to “Love Shot” in this red suit will never be forgotten.


#_cccam | #fyp #fyyy #foryoupage | #fancam | #fancamexo | #exo #exol | #loveshot | #kai #kaiexo

♬ Love Shot – EXO

And with more views than the Music Bank fancam, this fancam of Kai proves that Kai is mesmerizing from any angle.

9. Kai’s Bucket Hat “Tempo” Fancam

It’s 11.1 million on Twitter and 5.7 million on YouTube now, and the numbers keep climbing.

10. “Peaches”

This one move in “Peaches” has everyone wishing they were her.


got me peached every single time 😳 #exo #kai #jongin #fyp

♬ оригинальный звук – Королева Вайба ⭐️👑

11. “Lotto”

From Jongin to Kai in 0.05 seconds.

12. “The Eve”

12.2 million views between these two fancams alone. The number speaks for itself.

13. “Confession”

Every K-Pop fan’s confession (whether secret or not): “I’m in love with Kai.”

14. “Jopping”

Not an official fancam, but Kai still managed to rake up 1.2 million views with his facial expressions in “Jopping.”


RAWR #exo #kai #kimjongin #kpop #kpopfyp #엑소 #카이 #superm #슈퍼엠

♬ Jopping – SuperM

15. SuperM Performance Video

His solo for SuperM‘s performance video perfectly encapsulates his signature artistic style.

There are still several other fancams of Kai that have reached over a million views, as well as many that are almost there, but one thing’s for sure: no matter how many views, once you look at Kai, it’s impossible to take your eyes off of him.