9 Times Male Idols Were Caught Fanboying Over EXO’s Kai

Kai has captured their hearts.

EXO‘s Kai is undeniably cool. He’s got an amazing voice that can melt hearts and his dancing skills are off the charts, not to mention he’s got a sweet personality and visuals for days! It’s not hard to imagine that Kai has a lot of fans even among other idols. So without further ado, here are 9 times male idols have been caught fanboying over Kai’s talents!


1. When Kang Daniel mentioned how great EXO are

When Wanna One had one of their first appearances on Happy Together 3, Kang Daniel listed off a number of groups that he liked. But when it came to picking someone he looks up to, he had nothing but kind things to say about Kai! He even talked about Kai’s sexiness!


2.  The time NCT’s Jaemin picked Kai as his role model

Before he debuted, Jaemin revealed that Kai is his role model in a SMRookie’s magazine article. In the article, he praised Kai for his visuals as well as his dance skills and his thoughts haven’t changed since debuting either!


3. When SF9’s Taeyang said he looks up to Kai

Taeyang is known to be a huge EXO-L and besides his love for the group, he’s mentioned that he sees Kai as his role model! In the past, he said he wants to become more like Kai when it comes to dancing and that he looks up to him.


4. When NCT’s Jisung also picked Kai as his role model

Jaemin wasn’t the only one to write down that his role model is Kai in the SMRookie article! Jisung also picked Kai is his role model!


Since Kai is his role model, just imagine how it felt for him to do a collab stage with with him at Gayo Daechukje!


5. When Ong Seongwoo agreed that Kai is sexy

Kang Daniel wasn’t the only person to talk about Kai during that particular episode of Happy Together 3. Ong Seongwoo also named Kai as his role model, admiring his dance skills and agreeing on his sexiness.


6. When Samuel admitted he wanted to do a collab with Kai

Samuel has expressed his love for Kai a number of times and by know, pretty much everyone knows that Samuel looks up to him. So it wasn’t too much of a surprise when Samuel picked Kai as someone he wanted to do a collaboration with during a radio program!


7. When Block B’s U-Kwon complimented Kai’s movees

Back in 2012, U-Kwon admitted that he was getting into EXO. Why? Because he was mesmerized by Kai’s dancing! He revealed he thought Kai’s dancing was very good and was even open to doing a dance battle with him!


8. When B1A4 chose the coolest member of EXO

During Ask In A Box, B1A4 had to choose the coolest member of EXO. Although Suho, D.O., and Chanyeol were mentioned too, CNU and Jinyoung both picked Kai as the coolest making him the winner!


9. And when MVP’s P.K admitted to following all the news about Kai

P.K is a big fan of Kai and named him as his role model. P.K has mentioned that he thinks Kai’s dancing and his attention to detail are really cool. He’s such a big fan once mentioned during an interview that he is constantly keeping up with news about Kai so that he can meet him in person!

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