EXO’s Kai Picks His Top 5 Best Performance Looks — And Makes Some Surprising Choices

Definitely can’t argue with #5!

EXO‘s Kai has no shortage of legendary stage looks. From the iconic red suit in “Love Shot” to the yellow leather crop jacket in “Obsession,” Kai has always made sure to leave a lasting impression when he goes onstage.

| @weareone.exo/Instagram

In fact, Rolling Stone recently named him one of “The 25 Most Stylish Musicians Now.”

In his recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kai revealed his top 5 favorite stage outfits—and made some rather surprising choices! Here are Kai’s 5 best performance looks as picked by Kai himself.


1. His traditional-style fit in “Peaches”

Kai’s “Peaches” had a variety of different looks, all of which were meant to reflect the soft tone of the song.

| Rolling Stone/YouTube

This look made it onto Kai’s list due to the amazing blend of traditional and modern styles.

2. His casual look in “Domino”

This stage look wasn’t actually decided on until the very last minute. There was uncertainty about whether or not Kai would actually perform “Domino” on music shows, so an outfit for it was never actually planned.

Even so, this look is on the list due to the way it matches the power of the song while still being quite simple and casual.

3. The black leather fit in “Mmmh”

“Mmmh” gifted fans with some memorable looks, but this list would be incomplete without the black leather outfit and hat.

Kai may not have enjoyed how much the leather pants made him sweat, but the hat was the key point he was excited about. Not only did it lend an air of mystery to the performance, but he had fun teasing the audience with it too!

4. His three-piece suit from “FILM: KAI”

With its more formal style, this sleek fit is another major highlight in Kai’s debut album.

For Kai, the appeal lies in the fact that it reflects the way the video portrays his creative process.

5. The black coat from “Mmmh”

Last but not least, this black coat proved to be a favorite for Kai despite the fact that he normally tends to avoid wearing coats when performing.

What makes this particular look a standout is that, rather than hiding his body-line, as coats often do, this one actually accentuates it. Draping lightly on his body, this coat was easily one of the biggest highlights of “Mmmh!!

As one of the prominent fashion kings in the industry, Kai has participated a lot in the process of planning and designing his iconic stage looks. It’s amazing to see how much his performance outfits mirror his passion for fashion!

If you’d like to see the full video for more of Kai’s take on his 5 favorite looks, you can check it out on the link below.