9 Reasons You’ll Definitely Want To See EXO D.O.’s Movie “Swing Kids”

#1 being D.O. of course!

You’ve probably heard about EXO D.O.‘s latest movie “Swing Kids”. The movie has been receiving a ton of rave reviews since it was officially released in December and its popularity hasn’t wained since. With a war movie filled with lots of emotion, heartwarming scenes, and incredible tap dancing, here are just a few reasons you’ll want to see “Swing Kids” as soon as you can!


1. D.O.’s amazing acting

If you’ve seen anything with D.O. in it, you know he’s an amazing actor! And this movie really showcases his skills. Not only will you be blown away by his acting but you’ll be amazed that it only took him only about four months to learn the North Korean dialect for the role!


2. To see D.O.’s tap dancing skills in action

Speaking of all his hard work, you’d probably never guess that D.O. managed to learn tap dancing in a span of about 5 months in between comebacks and a tour but he did!


Just one look of any of the teasers, and you’ll be sold to watch this movie simply to see D.O. tap his way into our hearts!


3. Because it is was highly anticipated even before it’s official release

Directed by the critically acclaimed Kang Hyung Chul, the same director of the hit films “Scandal Makers” and “Sunny”, it immediately caught everyone’s attention and hasn’t slowed down yet! It’s already managed to get a round of applause from both the Modern Korean cinema website and the Korean Times where it ranked third in the best Korean movies of 2018! To top it off, “Swing Kids” received high rating online and hit one million admissions only nine days after its release!


4. You may learn a little bit more about history

Although this isn’t a 100% true to real life events movie, the setting really is. Set during the Korean War in 1951, the camp where the movie takes place is based on a real POW camp, Geoje Prisoner of War Camp which held about 173,000 imprisoned soldiers. So not only will you get to enjoy some singing and dancing, but you may just learn a little bit more about history!


5. “Swing Kids” has a little something for everyone

“Swing Kids” isn’t a war movie. Nor is it a musical, a love story, or even a heartwarming tale of friendship. It’s all of the above! With a little bit of something for everyone, everyone who has viewed this movie has found something to love.


6. You’ll want to dance right along to the music!

One of the things that everyone who has seen the movie has fallen in love with is the music. Not only is “Swing Kids” the very first Korean film to use a Beatles song, but there’s also a number of other songs from David Bowie to Jung Su Ra that will get you tapping your toes right along to the beat!


7. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon gives it a stamp of approval

While we’re sure Vernon isn’t the only celeb that has gone to see the movie so far, he did surprise everyone when he posted the movie’s poster to his Instagram page and gave it a big like!


8. And so do many other people!

Many people who have already been lucky enough to see the movie have also given nothing but love to the movie!


9. Did we mention D.O. is in it?

Alright so we already did, but come on it’s D.O!