EXO’s Lay Likes To Respond To Fans On Twitter, Here Are Some Of His Most Memorable Tweets

Lay is super sweet but silly too, as shown by this reply to a tweet asking whether he likes “Baby Yixing” or “Daddy Yixing” better.

CEO Zhang joined the Twitter world in July and he’s been extremely active!

Not only has he been posting shots of himself working on his next album, he has also been replying to fans in several languages.


1. In response to a fan who applauded him for his English skills…


2. To a fan that wanted to know how to become the rubber duck sitting in front of Yixing…


3. CEO Zhang even busted out some French for EXO-L in France.

“You’re welcome.” — Lay 


4. He even hyped up Italian fans for his next album!

“Look forward to my next album.” 


5. Of course, he couldn’t forget to show love to Filipino fans.

“Love you all ^^” 


6. Lay also made sure we all knew that he hasn’t forgotten his fans in Korea.

Fan: Lay-yah! I’m waiting on my knees for your third album!!! Lay’s music which I listen to and believe in. The weather is really hot, please take care of your health. I l-l-love you.
Lay: Thank you so much, I’ll work even harder. You should take care of your health too! 


7. But to a fan who wanted him to say something in Chinese, he had some advice.

“If you want to speak different languages, you should have Google Translate ^^” 


8. Lay is super sweet but he gets silly as well, as shown by this reply to a tweet asking whether he likes “Baby Yixing” or “Daddy Yixing” better…


9. When fans get silly he knows how to joke along with them too.

This is the gif he was reacting to, by the way:


10. Some things on this website still shock him though.


You could say he has a complicated relationship with chickens.


11. He always posts photos with his precious laptop, causing a fan to ask the question “If your laptop and fans were drowning, who would you save first?” 

Lay’s answer didn’t disappoint.


12. Despite the jokes, Lay never fails to acknowledge his fans effort — like this video they filmed for him at the recent EXO concert in Malaysia he was unable to attend.