These Are The MVs That “Belong” To Each EXO Member According To Korean EXO-Ls

From the legendary 3 minutes and 1 second to the lip ring that had the whole world abuzz:

EXO have tried out many different concepts and styles throughout the years and each and every member has completely crushed each one. While their music videos have always brought a ton of joy and left everyone feeling absolutely breathless thanks to EXO’s heavenly vocals, lit raps, outstanding dancing, and jaw-dropping visuals, Korean EXO-Ls recently took a look at each of their music and tried to determine which one “belonged” to which member. From the legendary 3 minutes and 1 second to the lip ring that had the whole world abuzz, here are Korean EXO-Ls top MV picks for each of the members.


1. Suho — “For Life”

Suho’s princely charms are always on full display and he’s convinced fans on more than one occasion that he’s a true prince charming.


But there was one moment in particular that hit many fans and non-fans alike of Suho’s royalty status and that was his sleeping scene in their “For Life” MV. There’s no doubt that “For Life” belonged to Suho!


2. Xiumin — “Love Me Right”, “Ko Ko Bop”

Korean EXO-Ls had an especially tough time agreeing on Xiumin’s MV and had a particularly hard time choosing between “Love Me Right” and “Ko Ko Bop”.


It’s not hard to understand why they had such a hard time with this decision either since Xiumin’s visuals, presence, and vocals were absolutely jaw-dropping for both of these videos. And Korean EXO-Ls couldn’t help agreeing that he consistently stole their attention even if he wasn’t their bias!


3. Chanyeol — “Growl”

Although fans had a hard time with Chanyeol too, they couldn’t help agreeing that his legendary 3 minutes and 1 second from their “Growl” MV was the moment was too iconic to pass up!


In fact, even Chanyeol himself has mentioned that specific timestamp before and “Growl” was really the first time that EXO-Ls really got to see Chanyeol close up for the first time! Thus, they couldn’t help concluding that “Growl” was Chanyeol’s!


4. Chen — “Tempo”

When it comes to Chen’s styling, well, fans have often had some pretty divided opinions. For instance, some fans loved his curly hair from EXO’s “Call Me Baby” era while others weren’t into the look at all. But when it comes to “Tempo”, every EXO-L is in complete agreement that Chen was styled to perfection!


Of course, that’s not the only reason EXO-Ls chose “Tempo” for Chen! With his vocals shining through and his dance moves as flawless as ever, plus a little bit of that sexy motorbike action, Chen had everyone falling even harder for him in “Tempo”.


5. Baekhyun — “Monster”

When EXO first released “Monster”, there was one thing that the whole world abuzz besides the fact that the song was a complete bop…Baekhyun’s lip ring!


The special accessory was something that fans hadn’t seen before and the look created quite a stir among fans and non-fans alike. Absolutely everyone was talking about Baekhyun and his sexy “Monster” look! Add in Baekhyun’s powerful and stunning vocals, his flawless moves, and overall charisma and “Monster” definitely belonged to him!


6. Lay — “Lucky One”

With that one Lay close up in “Lucky One” alone, Korean EXO-Ls were ready to declare this MV his!


But add in his killer dance moves, charismatic presence, and the undeniable urge to play his heart-stopping parts over and over again…yeah, “Lucky One” and Lay go hand in hand!


7. D.O. — “Power”

Although fans also had some debate as to which MV belonged to D.O., the majority ruled out with fans concluding that D.O.’s MV was “Power”.


Besides the fact that D.O.’s vocals once again blessed everyone’s ears, EXO-Ls got to see many different sides of D.O. in the fun and energetic video. On the one hand, we were all blessed with plenty of adorable and squishy moments that let D.O.’s cute side shine through and on the other, there were some more intense scenes that showed off D.O.’s cool and sexy side too!


8. Kai — “Love Shot”

While Kai’s “Love Shot” fancam performances went viral and had people talking for months, it all started with their “Love Shot” MV! From the very first teasers, fans knew that Kai was going to be bringing some serious heat for “Love Shot”…


And they weren’t wrong! That sexy choreography seemed like it was made for Kai and his voice really shone through too!


9. Sehun — “Lotto”

We all know that Sehun’s got some killer dance moves and while fans have gotten to see them shine in all of EXO’s videos, they were front and center in “Lotto” and proved to be extremely deadly!


His dancing was only a fraction of why fans decided to claim “Lotto” as Sehun’s. His intense visuals, powerful rap, and energy definitely added to it too!

Source: The Qoo