15 Adorable EXO And NCT Interactions That Prove The World Is A Wonderful Place

EXO and NCT? What a truly wonderful world we live in!

Everyone knows that EXO are true hyungs to their NCT hoobaes. Throughout the years they have shown what a strong bond they have together and it’s an absolutely wonderful sight! From adorable interactions at the 2019 SMTOWN concert in Chile to a few throwbacks, here are just a few sweet moments shared between the two groups that prove the world is truly a wonderful place!


1. This extremely cute exchange of fan flags


2. And this one!

Chanyeol with NCT’s flag…


And Renjun with EXO’s!


3. These two jumping goofballs


4. All of these sweet pics together at 2019 SMTOWN in Chile

The bunny of NCT beside the bunny of EXO!


A little Suho and Johnny…


Xiumin and Jeno…


Doyoung and Baekhyun…


And Chen and Taeil!


5. The three generations of idols in one shot

Fans have been pointing out how Super Junior’s Donghae, EXO’s D.O., and NCT’s Jeno are all 7 years apart from each other!


6. This oh so subtle but slap between Sehun and Johnny


7. Sehun’s cute reaction to Jaehyun


8. The oldie but goodie where Haechan, Jisung, Mark, and Jeno strutted their stuff in EXO’s VCR


9. Throwback to when Dreamies danced along to “Lotto”


10. And when Taeyong being a whole EXO-L


11. That one-time baozi Xiumin acted like this when Mark poked the bun

Another throwback!


12. Or how about bringing back this sweet moment between Jaehyun and Chanyeol?


13. Who could forget the time Kai dragged NCT onto the stage to celebrate with them?


14. Or when Lay gave a little helpful direction


15. And of course, there was the epic “Monster” collaboration stage

We definitely need more collaborations!