15 EXO B-Sides You Need In Your Life Right Now

If they’re not already on your playlist, then they will be now!

Throughout the years, EXO have blessed our ears and our hearts with their fantastic music. While each and every song, regardless of whether they’re title tracks or not, is fantastic. And while it’s literally impossible to choose the best songs (because they’re all the best), here are just a few that fans have fallen head over heels for!


1. “White Noise”

From the very first words, you’ll be hooked on this song. Add in a funky techno beat and the honey vocals of the members plus some pretty epic rap parts and you’ve got yourself a b-side that you’ll want to put on all your playlists.


2. “Oasis”

Slow and yet upbeat at the same time, “Oasis” is one of those songs that hits the sweet spot for everyone. What can we say, this song is like a pure oasis for your ears!


3. “Sweet Lies”

You know it’s going to be good when EXO hinted at the beginning of this song at the end of their “Power” MV, and the boys certainly didn’t disappoint. With a slightly darker beat hidden underneath and the amazing bridges and harmonizations, this song has put a spell on all of us!


4. “El Dorado”

Many people know El Dorado as the lost kingdom of gold, and we’re pretty sure that EXO found the place because “El Dorado” is pure gold!


5. “Heaven”

With Chen’s “Hello Angel” we’ve already been captured and the more you listen to this song the further you’ll fall for EXO! We’re pretty sure that nobody could ever dislike this song because it’s pure heaven to our ears!


6. “Going Crazy”

You’ll slowly start going crazy while listening to “Going Crazy”. Crazy in love that is! Their voices, those notes, and that beat! Need we say more?


7. “The Eve”

If the bodies rolls weren’t convincing enough to make “The Eve” one of your favorites, the overall sexy feel of the song and EXO’s heart-melting vocals definitely will! Plus we’re all blessed with this amazing dance practice video!


8. “Baby Don’t Cry”

An oldie but a goodie! Longtime EXO-Ls and newer fans alike just can’t stay away from this sweet and somewhat melancholy song.


9. “Thunder”

A beat that is completely danceable and their jaw-dropping vocals that will set your heart on fire, it’s a song no one is going to forget. And let’s be honest when you hear the words “boom boom boom boom” you know it’s going to be getting a little hot in here!


10. “Chill”

We’re trying to keep our chill listening to this song but it’s kind of impossible and we’re pretty sure everyone else who’s listened to this song knows exactly why!


11. “Ooh La La La”

One of their newer B-sides that just proves that EXO is still paying as much attention to their side tracks as their main ones! Plus we’ve been blessed to see it performed on Music Bank!


12. “Transformer”

EXO let’s go! “Transformer” is one of those songs that a bit hard to explain how it makes you feel but it’s absolutely perfect. Plus Kai with a few rap lines too? Sign us up!


13. “Run”

With so many K-Pop songs with the same title, it seems like this song might get a little lost, but EXO-Ls will never let this one become one with the crowd. And with good reason, it’s way too good!


14. “Playboy”

When you start off with words like that from Kai and then get a lead in with D.O.’s sweet vocals, you’re hearts already suffering. But the more you listen the more you’ll fall for this older but still 100% amazing song!


15. “Trauma”

Every single one of EXO’s tracks is amazing and we could go on forever, but we’ll leave you with “Trauma” because it’s powerful, satisfying, and our hearts can’t handle much more!