EXO’s Sehun Introduces Himself as EXO’s Cutie, And Here Are 10+ Times He Proved It

Sehun will forever be EXO’s baby

At EXO‘s 2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event and on a special live broadcast for Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder Season 3Sehun introduced himself as “EXO’s cutie,” and these 10+ moments just prove his words.

1. His Morning Call

The first version was already precious, but the second will have you in tears of laughter.

2. During A Promotion For The Movie The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

On The Game Caterers 2 on YouTube, Sehun was all smiles as he watched his fellow cast members cause chaos.

3. Acting Cute After Being Fed

EXO is always feeding their maknae (youngest), because who can resist taking care of this giant baby?

4. This Entire Video SM C&C Studio Made On His Cuteness

Sehun had plenty of cute moments during Season 2 of EXO’s Ladder, and the producers at SM didn’t hesitate to compile them together.

| SM C&C Studio/YouTube

5. This Surprise Reaction Compilation from Busted Season 3

Must protect the baby.

6. His Cute Shadowboxing

They might be the softest punches, but my heart took the hardest hits.

| SM C&C Studio/YouTube

7. Touching A Hot Bamboo Steamer Basket

Thankfully he wasn’t hurt, which makes appreciating his cute reaction all the better.


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8. His Punishment on EXO Arcade Season 1

Even the way he ran away in embarrassment was cute.

9. Doing Aegyo To Get Food

Give him everything he wants.

10. When He Channeled His Inner Puppy

Need I say more?


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11. Sehun Drinking From A Watermelon

Who needs a cup when you can just bury your face in a watermelon?

12. Sehun Cutely Swaying While Chen Dances Like Rent Is Due

The contrast just makes the video even funnier.

13. Making A Wish

Rounding out the list is Sehun making a wish at their 2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event.

(Oh, and one more thing). It’s not one specific time, but we can’t talk about cutie Sehun without talking about his pouts.


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