10 Sehun And Kang Daniel “Coffee Friends” Moments That Will Make You Believe In The Power Of True Friendship

Their friendship is beyond adorable.

When news of Kang Daniel‘s special appearance on tvN‘s Coffee Friends first sprung up, many fans were surprised to hear that EXO‘s Sehun and Kang Daniel had a close relationship. But seeing the two work together at the cafe has certainly proven the two have a very close bond. To celebrate their adorable friendship, here are just a few moments from Coffee Friends that will definitely make you believe in the power of true friendship.


1. When Sehun got a call out of the blue from Kang Daniel


2. When Sehun taught Daniel the proper way to pick tangerines


3. When the two had the same reaction to a bug


4. When they happily peeled tangerines together


5. When Kang Daniel made sure Sehun took a snack break


6. This whole cute interaction


7. How they had a good laugh over the surreal experience


8. And when Daniel expressed his shock when he found out when Sehun started


9. This adorable reaction when Daniel had to leave


10. And of course this photo of them together!