4 Times EXO’s Sehun Was Proud Of His Blood Type

All the “O Types” in the House, Put your hand up!!

It is common in Korea for people to identify their personalities according to their blood types. People spat over which blood type is the best, and define each other’s personalities accordingly.


EXO’s Sehun has shown his pride in his O blood type and his trust in how it affects his personality. Here are 4 examples:

Q. Men don’t really believe in blood type.

BH: No, Sehun really believes it

Sehun: Blood types? I actually believe them.


Q: Sehun, what do you think the most positive thing about your blood type?

SH: O type? First, O blood is the cleanest. I mean people who have O blood type can five their blood to anyone. Also, once we get close to someone, we have the best relationships.


Full clip:

2. Sehun defending his “O” brother Baekhyun.

CH: Baekhyun cries when he’s angry or feels something is unfair.

SH: People with O blood type are like that.

D.O.: What do you mean O blood types are like that…


3. “O” brothers bonding over their blood types again.

SH: People with O blood type…

BH: O blood type

SH: I don’t want to bring up blood types here but it is really true.


4. He wanted everyone to know how to treat him according to his blood type.

Sehun Instructions: I can’t really control myself when I’m in a good mood. I’ll be grateful if people would understand. I’ll calm down soon. I have an O blood type. My feelings get really hurt when people scold me at the same time. Thank you in advance.