EXO Flex Their Flawless Live Vocals At SMTOWN LIVE 2022, Proving That For Them, The Mic Is Always On

They each have a voice of an angel.

EXO are famous for their live vocals, and at SMTOWN LIVE 2022, each member once again proved that the mic is always on for EXO. With stellar solo performances, EXO captivated everyone with their talent and charisma. They also didn’t forget to greet EXO-Ls all together, promoting Xiumin‘s upcoming solo album and promising that a full group album will be released when all the members are together again.

Here are clips of all their performances at SMTOWN, and each member’s color shines through as they flex their flawless vocals.

1. “Hurdle”

Running in the middle of his performance, shouting his greetings into the mic, and then flawlessly hitting every note in the song afterward. Just typical rockstar Suho things.

2. “Serenity”

EXO’s all-rounder ace, Xiumin, looks like a frost fairy during his performance in SMTOWN. With bright vocals that effortlessly convey deep emotions, there’s a reason why EXO-Ls are so excited for his upcoming solo album.

3. “Beautiful Goodbye”

No words are needed to explain why Chen is the king of vocals. It’s a fact that’s cemented every time he sings, and it’s a title no one can refute. After all, just one listen is all it takes for anyone to fall in love with his voice.

4. “That’s Okay”

There’s nothing more adorable than D.O. messing up the lyrics and laughing afterward, but there’s also no better proof that his mic is on. Of course, besides that tiny mistake, D.O.’s soulful voice rings through the arena, comforting every heart that listens to him sing.

5. “Peaches”

Kai is famous for his insane charisma and talent in dance, but what people might not realize is how stable he is when he sings despite his intense choreography. The only way you can tell he’s singing live is the slight aspiration in his pronunciation of certain words and the small pauses he makes that lets listeners know how soft the MR backing track is.

And while unfortunately, Sehun couldn’t perform at the concert, here’s one of our favorite live vocals from him.

6. “Paradise”

Sehun has a voice that deserves more attention; it’s low and smooth, and like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, listening to him sing is instantly soothing.


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