EXO’s Adoration For Suho Speaks Volumes About His Unwavering Leadership

Let’s love forever, EXO!

In a recent interview, EXO‘s Suho spoke about his role as a leader in EXO, once again proving why he’s earned the title “Best Leader.”

His viewpoint on being a leader has been unchanging, a testament to his mindset as a leader.

His unconditional love for his members is evident through how patient and attentive he is with them, going along with their antics and making sure they are always safe and cared for.


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And while Suho’s strengths as a leader are shown through his focus on harmony and bringing EXO together, another remarkable characteristic of his leadership is his willingness to sacrifice for them. He may not push them from behind or pull them from the front, but he is an unwavering pillar of support EXO can gather around.

EXO-Ls and the rest of EXO are forever thankful to Suho and make every effort to give him love and comfort.


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Whether through their words or their interactions, EXO adore their leader, and here’s a list of just some of the times EXO have shared their affection and appreciation for Suho.

1. Xiumin

Though the oldest member of EXO, Xiumin is still well taken care of by Suho and frequently expresses his faith and gratitude in Suho. As Suho’s only hyung (older brother) in EXO, the two share a deep friendship full of respect and similarities.

2. Lay

Despite not being able to promote in person with EXO, Lay has constantly kept in touch with EXO and often likes his members’ Instagram posts or even joins their lives. In this live with Suho, it’s clear that both Lay and Suho cherish each other and miss each other dearly.


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3. Baekhyun

Baekhyun‘s words affirm Suho’s hopes and goals as a leader, and while he likes to tease his lovely leader, their relationship is reflective of a true family.

4. Chen

Chen and Suho share a relationship that ranges from constantly teasing each other to being each other’s biggest hypeman. Underlying it all, Suho is a source of comfort and wisdom for Chen to share all of his thoughts and emotions with.

5. Chanyeol

Chanyeol and Suho may sometimes have a cat-and-dog relationship with their playful fights, but the two share a deep bond due to their similar values and personalities. If squishing into a closet to surprise your brother with flowers isn’t a friendship goal, what is?

6. D.O.

Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and though D.O. is one of the quieter members of EXO, he holds nothing back in announcing his love for Suho.

7. Kai

As the two who trained the longest, Suho and Kai share a friendship that goes years back. While Suho often comforts Kai (and sometimes makes him cry with his sweet words), Kai showers Suho with his support and doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself for his hyung.

8. Sehun

Practically raised by Suho, the two share one of the sweetest relationships in EXO. There’s no bigger indication of a close relationship than indulging in late-night talks, which might be why the two often share a bed whenever they travel.