These 25 Photos Prove EXO’s Suho Is A Visual Genius

Just look at those golden proportions!

There’s no denying that EXO‘s leader has many unique charms. Suho‘s sweet personality, stunning dance moves, and heart-stopping vocals have always won over hearts. And to top it off he’s got jaw-dropping visuals! While we certainly can’t include every photo that proves Suho is a visual genius (because let’s face it all of them prove it), here are just a few to make your heart flutter!


1. Suho of the clean and upright appearance…


2. Is making our hearts beat extra fast


3. With glasses, he’s especially cute…


4. But he doesn’t need them to make everyone feel a little flustered!


5. Suho’s got those golden proportions that would make anyone a little envious


6. Fans have often remarked on his forehead charms


7. And when he did this, let’s be honest, he stopped our hearts


8. Not even a facemask can hide his handsomeness


9. Suho’s a gentleman through-and-through


10. But don’t let that fool you because he’s not afraid to show off his toned body either


11. Suho is like no other


12. When it comes to looking like a prince…


13. Or a king…


14. Well, Suho could definitely be either with his royal looks!


15. Mr. Prince Charming himself always steals the spotlight


16. Whether he’s going for a simpler look…


17. Or something a little more dramatic…


18. Suho can rock them all!


19. It’s really no wonder he can make everyone feel a little frazzled…


20. As well as just a bit overwhelmed!


21. No one can resist his charms


22. Nor can anyone’s heart be spared from his genius


23. Suho’s capturing everyone’s heart


24. He just can’t be stopped


25. And we’ve fallen for him completely!