8 Random Facts About EXO & SuperM’s Dancing King Kai That Everyone Should Know

How much do you know about this multi-talented performer?

EXO‘s Kai has long been known for his incredible dance and performance skills, and for good reason! He’s said by many to be one of the best dancers in the industry, so it’s no wonder he was chosen to be in SM Entertainment‘s super-group SuperM.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Kai or just curious to learn more about this talented idol, here are 8 facts about him that everyone should find interesting!

1. The meaning of his stage name.

“Kai” actually means “to open” in Chinese. Because of this, he chose the stage name with a hope that he would be able to make fans’ hearts open widely to him. Given his popularity, it’s hard to disagree that he succeeded!

2. It wasn’t his choice to audition to be an idol.

While many idols had to convince or persuade their parents to let them audition for an idol company, that wasn’t the case for Kai! His father actually bribed him to audition for SM Entertainment by promising to buy him a Nintendo console. While he was too young to be accepted by the company at the time, he joined 3 years later.

3. He has three adorable pets.

Kai is definitely an animal lover! He has 3 toy poodles to take care of, whose names are Monggu, Jjanggu, and Jjangah.

4. He had a terrifying incident once.

If you have a fear of elevators, this story might not be for you! One time when Kai was inside of an elevator, he heard what he said sounded like rats inside of the space. Suddenly the wire holding the elevator snapped, and he was dropped from the 5th floor to the 1st floor! Thankfully he wasn’t hurt, and he was able to escape by prying the doors open and getting out on the 2nd floor.

5. He has a small imperfection due to an accident.

While most people would probably never notice, one of Kai’s fingernails — the one on his left index finger — is permanently broken. This happened when he smashed his finger in a car door while going to ballet school when he was younger. Because of this, the nail has never grown back in properly.

6. He once compared himself to a wild animal.

Kai has said before that if he would compare himself to any animal, it would be a jaguar. He explained that while he’s a quiet person most of the time, but when he’s on stage, his eyes completely change to make him the intense, charismatic dancer that he is.

7. He’s part of an adorable K-Pop friend group.

Kai has spoken before about “The Padding Friends”, who he says are his best friends in the K-Pop industry. The group includes, besides Kai himself, SHINee‘s Taemin, BTS‘s Jimin, Hotshot‘s Timoteo, VIXX‘s Ravi, and Ha Sungwoon.

8. He’s always losing his belongings.

Unfortunately, Kai seems to have trouble keeping track of his belongings sometimes! He’s said that he usually loses his phone before he breaks it, so he doesn’t bother to buy cases for them anymore. He’s also lost so many bags, at one point he carried his things in a cheap paper bag instead of anything expensive!

It’s nice to see that someone as seemingly as perfect as Kai is just as human as the rest of us!

Source: YouTube