18 Of EXO’s Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents Of All Time

Even EXO isn’t perfect.

1. That time Luhan lost his hop.

While hopping on stage, Luhan flopped over like a clumsy bunny.


2. When Sehun nearly fell into the stage.

In movies, trapdoors are a recurring slap-stick gag. Characters fall through trapdoors all the time, but Sehun nearly experienced this trope in real life.


3. When Xiumin did fall into the stage.

Sehun may have avoided this literal pitfall, but Xiumin wasn’t so lucky. In true Xiumin fashion, he hopped out of that hole and continued the show like a total champ.


4. When Tao plunged down the rabbit hole.

Seriously, whose idea was it to put a gaping hole in the stage? Like Xiumin and Sehun, Tao fell victim to this infamous trap.


5. That time Chanyeol got startled by pyrotechnics…but was nowhere near them.

None of the other EXO members reacted, which makes Chanyeol‘s jumpscare even more hilarious.

The best part is, this has happened to Chanyeol more than once!


6. When Kai freaked out over fireworks and D.O. didn’t give AF.

Gotta love that contrast!


7. Sober Kai’s drunk moment.

Kai looked like he’d had one too many when he lost his balance and nearly fell from the stage.


8. When the stage turned into a slip-and-slide.

Kai completely lost his footing due to either slippery shoes or a slippery stage, but he recovered quickly from the blunder. Phew!


9. That time EXO wrecked their own stage set.

When the members accidentally unhooked this enormous, paper backdrop, their reaction was priceless. They scrambled to fix it, but it was too late.


10. That time Sehun became Chanyeol’s stylist.

Stylist Sehun made the most of EXO’s paper blunder by transforming part of the backdrop into an avant-guard outfit. Very stylish!


11. When Chanyeol turned his grand entrance into a total fail.

Chanyeol should just stay away from paper, period.

He laughed so hard at his mistake that he had trouble standing up.


12. When Baekhyun tried to pump up the crowd but messed up his timing.

As soon as he realized his mistake, he bashfully walked away while Chanyeol burst out laughing.


13. That time the stage attacked Chanyeol.

Chanyeol didn’t notice this black wall closing in and ended up smacking his funny bone. Ouch!


14. When Baekhyun stumbled in front of the paparazzi.

If you think tripping in public is embarrassing, try tripping in front of a dozen flashing cameras while wearing a snazzy suit. This moment totally threw off Baekhyun‘s swagger, but he was able to smile about it.


15. That time Chen tried to drink his mic.

The heat of the stage lights must have really been getting to him!


16. When Suho failed at being sexy.

Suho took off his jacket to woo fans, but his sexy attempt made his members crack up.

Suho barely survived this self-induced cringe attack.


17. When D.O. forgot to hold the mic for Chanyeol.


18. Every time EXO messed up their lyrics.

In Chen‘s case, he forgot to sing his part entirely!