10+ Times EXO’s Xiumin Proved That He’s The (Not-So) Hidden Ace Of EXO

You can’t hide talent.

EXO‘s Xiumin might not have a “main” position within EXO (he does have two in EXO-CBX), but he is listed as the vocalist, rapper, and lead dancer, which is basically acknowledging his all-rounded talent. Fans and non-fans have recognized Xiumin as the “Ace of EXO,” and these 11 moments prove that Xiumin is a jack of many trades and a master of all.

1. He’s An Amazing Vocalist

EXO’s vocal line is stacked, and Xiumin’s range, technique, and delivery never fail to stun EXO-Ls.

How can you not cry when he conveys such strong emotions through his voice and movements?

2. EXO’s Lead Dancer

Center Xiumin always hits hard, and for Xiulo, that’s the only place Xiumin will be.

His dancing is so elegant and powerful, and the flow of his movements is smoother than polished ice.

There’s a reason EXO’s choreographers trust Xiumin with the hardest formation transitions.

3. EXO-CBX’s Main Rapper

EXO-CBX gave EXO-Ls a taste of how versatile each member of EXO can be, and it’s safe to say that main rapper Xiumin has us all wrapped around his finger.

Alongside Chanyeol and Sehun, Xiumin burns up the stage.

4. Actor Xiumin

His eyes hold a galaxy of emotions, and he captivates the crowd in mere seconds with just his gaze.

5. He’s The Backbone Of EXO’s Harmonies

Break down any EXO song, and all you’ll hear in the background is Xiumin.

While he can rap alongside Chanyeol and Sehun, his harmonies on top of their raps send chills down our backs.

6. EXO Has No Visual Holes

Xiumin is a thirst trap, and he wields that power mercilessly.

7. X-Xiumin

Xiumin once said his strength was that he could be with any member, and he’s 100% right. No matter which main line you group with him, Xiumin seamlessly blends in, so it’s no surprise why he can fill in all their positions perfectly in “Obsession.”

8. Musical Actor Xiumin

The official Broadway account posted about Orpheus Xiumin, so if that’s not a testament to his talent, what is?


Obsessed with this look at #Hadestown in SouthKorea! #waitforme #orpheus #musical #theater #broadway #xiumin #eurydice #persephone #hermes

♬ original sound – BroadwayWorld

9. EXO’s Cutie

He might be the oldest in EXO, but he’s forever EXO’s and EXO-L’s cutie and fake maknae (no, but seriously, how does he not age?).

10. Sports Mode

He’s not just a musical ace; Xiumin excels at all sports, especially soccer.

11. Ending Fairy

Xiumin doesn’t need to look into the camera for fans to be completely obsessed with his ending.

Be sure to check out Xiumin’s solo debut with Brand New on September 26th! As you’ve seen from this list, it’s guaranteed to be a showstopper.