EXO’s Chanyeol Asked His Members How They Truly Feel About Him And The Answers Were So Sweet

“What kind of a person am I to you?”

EXO’s recent release of their ElyXiOn Live album came with an interview section where each member asks any questions to each other. While others had questions about each other’s personal thoughts and plans, Chanyeol only really wanted to know one thing. How his members felt about him.

While Chanyeol’s need to find out how his members really think about him was super cute, the answers of his members were truly sweet and showed how much EXO members sincerely love one another.

1. Chanyeol -> Baekhyun

CY: “What kind of a person am I to you?”

BH: We’re friends with many similarities, and understand each other. You take care of me with kindness and sincerity. To sum it up in one word, you are a really good friend. It’s interesting how I always have fun when we hang out. I always regret whenever we don’t get to spend more time together”

2. Chanyeol -> Chen

CY: “What kind of a person am I to you?”

CH: “You are a friend who understands everything about me. You’re inherently a kind person who can’t harbor any bad intentions. I feel assured to have someone like you by my side.”

3. Chanyeol -> Kai

CY: “You and I work out together, play games and have been spending more time each other recently. What do think?”

KA: “I love it. I always have fun with you when we are working out or even playing games that I don’t know that well.”

4. Chanyeol -> Sehun


CY: “Am I a part of the future you’re dreaming for yourself?”

SH: “Of Course you’re in my future. Don’t worry! Hahaha. I want to create a unit with you. Since we share an interest in the same genre of music, I think we can seriously make something that can convey our true colors. Bright and upbeat melodies. How do you feel about songs that have a hopeful messages?”

5. Chanyeol -> Xiumin


CH: “What kind of a person am I to you?”

XI: “Chanyeol-a, you are a friend that I trust. I am grateful you’re always ready to follow my lead. Out of all of the members, I think you listen to what I have to say the most. You always treat me as hyung even when I playfully mess with you. You’re not doing that because I make you uncomfortable, right? Hahaha”

6. Chanyeol -> Suho

CH: “What kind of a person am I to you?”

SU: “You are my cute dongseng, and I envy your numerous talents. I think you were often surprised my serious questions when we were trainees. You don’t feel uncomfortable around me anymore right?”

7. Chanyeol -> D.O. 

 CH: I think you and I have the most compatible personalities. Do you agree?”

D.O.: “I think we’re very compatible too. Hahaha. Isn’t the fact that we have a great conversation mean we fit well with one another?”