12 Times EXO’s Chanyeol And His Sister Were Total Sibling Goals

A true sibling bond.

EXO‘s Chanyeol and his older sister’s relationship is well known among fans as they have a close sibling bond that is truly heartwarming. Their interactions and posts through social media depict just how much they love each other.

1. Christmas Present

For Christmas, Chanyeol gave his sister customized air pods with the words ‘nuna saranghae’ (i love you sister) engraved on it. Chanyeol left a comment on her post joking that he was going to engrave ‘SAMSUNG’on it but decided against it.

2. Compliments

Chanyeol even posted on his sister’s photo shoot photo stating, “I guess you’re pretty.”

3. Cute Younger Brother

On his sister’s post during her vacation in Vietnam, Chanyeol commented, “You’re pretty just like me.”

4. Sudden Meet Ups

During her trip in Thailand, she found out that Chanyeol was there too so they met up together.

“Unforgettable night. I found out my brother was in Thailand too from the comments. We had a sudden meet up in Bangkok! I feel like someone who has succeeded!”

5. Safety First

He even drives his sister safely to her destination too!

“Kind Park driver. He drove me safely to my destination.”

These social media posts show just how actively involved they are in each other’s lives and their interactions are so sweet and loving.

6. Wedding Song

Below are the lyrics to the song he sang at his sister’s wedding. His sister was truly touched after finding out the meaning of the song. This song expressed his feelings of sadness of losing his sister but that he is okay if she is happy. Even though they may be a part, they will always be together. He wanted to let her husband know that his sister’s light will always shine brightly.


7. Treasure List

His sister is even on his list of most precious things!

8. Photo in Wallet

He even carried around a picture of his sister in his wallet!

9. Genetics

If you’re wondering where they get this caring and loving nature from, this picture proves it all! Their mother attended EXO D.O‘s movie press conference and surprised him with flowers and called him her son.

10. Gratitude

His mother also thanked fans for putting up a birthday ad for Chanyeol and called his fans all “daughter-in-laws.”

11. Large-scale gifts

An acquaintance of Chanyeol’s sister also heard that he had bought her a luxury car as well!

12. Respect and Support

Even when his sister decided to quit her job as an announcer, Chanyeol was there to support and respect her choice.

How can you not love such a cute sibling bond?