EXO’s Chen Is An Actual Angel And These 11 Wholesome Moments Prove How Much He Loves EXO-Ls

Disclaimer: you may find yourself smiling widely after reading this post.

EXO‘s Chen is a kindhearted soul who deserves all the love in the world.

He’s a supportive and caring hyung to his members.

But did you know what he’s also generous in showing his love and support for EXO-Ls worldwide?

Here are eleven moments that reveal Chen‘s warmhearted nature.

EXO-Ls, get ready to show your widest, biggest goofiest smiles as you go through this list. You know you want to:

1. Kim Jongdae: making the world a better place

Think of all those young girls being helped because of his donation!

2. Stan an idol who supports you in your studies

The only thing that’s missing from Chen is a pair of angel wings.

3. “Donation Fairy”

Chen has donated on multiple occasions already, proving once again that he rightfully deserves the “Donation Fairy” title.

4. The L in EXO-L stands for Lucky

It’s his birthday and yet he’s still in love with the idea of giving gifts, not just receiving them.

5. Chen’s Favorite Things

You get a signed ball. You get another signed ball. Everybody gets a signed ball!

6. The initials in EXO-L stand for “Equally Loved” too

7. His good manners come with him wherever he goes

8. He’s willing to take one for the team

It seems like Jongdae wants to share everything with his fans — except his cold, of course.

9. Protect this man

Time is gold and he’s basically telling his fans to take as much time as they want.

10. Going the extra mile to make fans happy

Meeting him is like having a mini-performance of your own.

11. He cares about everyone — even ghosts

Chen‘s kindness and generosity transcends the human world and goes straight into the supernatural realm.

Want more proof of how loving and kindhearted EXO‘s Chen is? Check out his recent post apologizing to EXO-Ls in this article.