Here Are 25+ Of The Most Expensive K-Pop Photocards To Ever Be Sold

One idol’s photocards have sold for more than $6 thousand USD in total!

Photocard collecting is one of the most fun parts of being a fan of K-Pop idol groups. There’s nothing better than finally finding that last photocard that you need and many fans will go to extremes in order to finish their collections, including dropping hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars.

Take a look at some of the most jaw-droppingly expensive K-Pop photocards ever publicly sold online:

20. LOONA’s Jinsoul – Max&Match

This photocard of LOONA‘s Jinsoul sold for $430.00 USD.

19. BLACKPINK’s Jennie – “Solo” Broadcast Photocard

This broadcast photocard from Jennie‘s “Solo” promotions sold for $450.00 USD.

18. BTS – “DOPE” Broadcast Photocard

This photocard sold for $459.99 USD.

17. BTS – Kimi Ni Toduku Fan Meeting

Suga and Jungkook‘s versions of this photocard recently sold for around $470.00 USD each.

16. BTS’s V – “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” Broadcast Card

This exclusive broadcast photocard of BTS‘s V sold for $499.99 USD.

15. Stray Kids’ Bangchan – I Am You Mwave

This photocard of Bangchan was given as a gift to select winners of the group’s I Am You MWave event and sold for $499.00 USD

14. BTS’s Suga – Young Forever

Taiwanese versions of K-Pop albums can be extremely hard to find. This photocard of Suga from the Taiwan version of Young Forever sold for $550.00 USD.

13. NCT’s Taeyong – Special Universe

This version of the photocard was limited to 210 per member and one of Taeyong‘s sold for $550.00 USD.

12. Red Velvet’s Seulgi – Superstar SMTOWN Halloween Event

This photocard of Red Velvet’s Seulgi from the Superstar SMTOWN Halloween event sold for $640.00 USD.

11. BTS’s Jungkook – Magic Shop Japan Fanclub

This photocard of Jungkook sold for $768.00 USD.

10. BTS’s V – First Munster Fan Meeting

This photocard of BTS’s V from the group’s first Muster fan event stood as the most expensive photocard sold in 2020. The card sold for $839.99 USD.

9. TXT’s Yeonjun – Blue Hour Lucky Draw

This adorable photocard of TXT‘s Yeonjun sold for $850.00.

8. NCT’s Taeyong – Special Yearbook

As part of the inclusions for their NCT 2020 album, NCT included “special yearbook” photocards different from the normal version. These shiny cards were limited to 500 per member and have been listed online for upwards of $1,000 USD. Taeyong’s version of the card sold on eBay for $870.77 USD.

7. BTS’s Jimin – BTS Diary 1st Season’s Greetings

Jimin‘s photocard from BTS’s first season’s greeting recently sold for $939 USD.  Other members’ photocards have sold for extremely high amounts as well including V ($599.99 USD) and Jungkook ($587.84 USD).

6. BTS – Memories Of 2017

BTS’s Memories Of 2017 is one of the most sought-after collectibles for ARMY. Photocards from this DVD  have sold for a variety of prices depending on the member; Jin ($500.00 USD), Suga ($698.96 USD), Jimin ($700.00 USD), V ($750.00 USD), and Jungkook ($950.00 USD).

Full set of the Memories of 2017 Photocards.

5. BTS’s Jungkook – Proof Lucky Draw

From the group’s most recent album, this Jungkook photocard was an exclusive, limited lucky draw and was sold for $999 USD.

4. TWICE – Cheer Up Event

These expensive photocards were part of a set from a Superstar JYP Nation event and there are only ten sets that exist in the world! Three members have had their photocards sell for ridiculous amounts: Chaeyoung ($1,324 USD), Nayeon ($1,220 USD), and Sana ($1,200 USD).

TWICE’s Chaeyoung
TWICE’s Nayeon
TWICE’s Sana

3. BTS’s Jimin – Butterful Night Lucky Draw

The limited lucky draw photocards from the special Butterful Night event are some of the most expensive in the world. Only 420 people attended this event and Jimin’s photocard sold for a whopping $1,432 USD recently!

2. BTS’s Jungkook – Blue Haired FLO Selfie

This cute photocard of Jungkook sold for $2,613 USD!

1. BTS’s Jungkook – Butterful Night Lucky Draw

BTS’s maknae is known for having the most expensive re-sold photocards. This is the most expensive photocard ever purchased by someone for $3,213 USD after 120 bids!