13 Extremely Disturbing Stories Of Sasaengs That Took Things Way Too Far

These stories sound like they’re straight out of a horror movie.

K-Pop idols’ sasaeng fans cross the line between love and obsession and suffocate their beloved idols. It happens far too many times, but here are 13 extreme times these fans went too far with their obsession.

1. EXO’s Attempted Kidnapping

Sasaeng fans will go to any extreme to spend time with their idols as EXO found out.

During their early years, EXO had just finished up with one of their schedules. They emerged from a building where they had been working and headed towards what they thought was their van. The manager thought something was a little off and stopped them from getting in.

Turns out it was a good call because sasaeng fans had rented out a van identical to EXO’s and parked where their van would normally be waiting!

Thank goodness all the boys were safe!

2. BTS’s Chase

BTS is one of the hottest groups around, both in Korea and internationally. Unluckily, their popularity comes with some drawbacks.

Once when BTS was filming in Sweden, they stopped at a cafe to grab a bite to eat and to relax a little. A group of sasaeng fans was watching and waiting outside for the boys to emerge. Unsettled by this, the cameraman decided to step outside and ask them to move. Instead of actually moving, the fans pretended to leave but started chasing after the boys when they came outside.

Luckily, the boys were able to get away!

3. Kim Heechul’s Car Accident

Super Junior‘s Heechul once encountered fans that caused him to become injured.

One day he was driving when he noticed sasaeng fans following him with their car. As he didn’t particularly want to be followed, he tried to lose them. He took various routes to try to get away but ended up getting in a car accident while doing so.

While it was already bad enough that they had essentially caused him to get into the accident, he also suffered from a broken leg due to it!

4. EXO’s Cross-Dressing Fans

Everyone expects some privacy when they’re in the bathroom including K-Pop idols. Unfortunately for EXO, they were once the victims of fans who decided to intrude upon them in this private space.

The boys once encountered female sasaeng fans who entered the bathroom the boys were using. While this may be shocking already, the fans even shaved their heads and dressed like boys so that they wouldn’t be suspicious! It would be an understatement to say the boys were not happy with their act!

Since then, the members take turns standing guard outside the bathroom entrance to prevent an instance like this from happening again!

5. SEVENTEEN’s Angry Fan Signing

Fan sign events are supposed to be happy occasions where fans can interact with their idols. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

During a SEVENTEEN fan signing, a sasaeng fan got angry at Joshua. She started throwing objects at him much to everyone’s shock. Even when she moved on she still continued her assault!

The entire event came to a standstill because of her actions, and a manager had to quickly escort the fan away from the members and needed to lead her out of the venue.

When asked why she had behaved that way, she said she was angry that she spent so much money to see him, but he wasn’t smiling and neither was anybody else!

6. Wanna One’s Trespassing Fans

Wanna One were no strangers to sasaeng situations but they had a particularly intense time when they visited MBC to film Weekly Idol.

While there, sasaeng fans crowded the studio building. The crowds kept growing and soon fans were flooding the sidewalk as well as the building’s lobby.

They also took over nearby cafes but didn’t bother to order anything. YMC Entertainment was unimpressed by the fans and expressed their desires for them to leave.

We asked the fans to disperse themselves but they’re not moving. The complaints we’re receiving from the local residents is a problem, but we’re also worried about the fans’ safety as they’re waiting outside in this heat wave. We request that they quickly disperse.

— YMC Entertainment

Eventually, the studio had had enough and the police were called to handle the extreme situation!

Due to the fans who have come to the set of ‘Weekly Idol’ and are occupying the building’s lobby and elevator, as well as the sidewalks, we have been receiving a ton of complaints. The building of the recording studio is private property. If you mindlessly continue occupying it, it will be reported to the police (it has already been reported). We ask that fans keep orderly.

— Weekly Idol

7. G-Dragon’s Trespassing Fans

Sasaeng fans used to camp outside of G-Dragon‘s house waiting to catch a glimpse of the famous idol.

Although it is bad enough that they were waiting for G-Dragon, he wasn’t the only one that lived there! His mother and sister became frightened of the fans and didn’t want to leave the house themselves. G-Dragon had to send out a tweet asking them to stop!

Nowadays kids follow me to my house.. right to the gates.. I understand but this has to stop… my mother and sister get scared.. don’t hide in the front.

— G-dragon

8. EXO’s Secret Recordings

Idols have a lot of work they do overseas and as a result, need to stay in hotels, but sometimes sasaengs can infiltrate them and wreak havoc.

During one overseas trip, EXO stayed at a hotel which sasaeng fans had managed to break into. They installed cameras in the hotel’s gym. Luckily, Suho noticed these cameras and quickly covered his face while pointing them out to his manager.

That wasn’t the only thing the fans did. They also were able to install cameras in some of the members’ rooms as well as microphones!

After releasing audio clips, they faced the full wrath of EXO-Ls, who were very angry that these supposed fans had done something like that.

9. BTS’s Airport Grab

BTS is probably used to a large turnout at airports but they also know this isn’t always a good thing.

When the group went to Indonesia for one of their performances they were greeted a little unexpectedly. Sasaeng fans grabbed on to each member and rushed them too.

They also attempted to grab ahold of their belongings. Saeaeng fans especially targeted Jungkook who had a hard time getting away.

There was one fan that could be heard in a couple of videos of the incident that yelled at the sasaengs to stop touching the boys, so at least there were other fans looking out for them!

10. Choi Siwon’s Hacked Twitter

Super Junior’s Siwon‘s may be the prince of social media but that seems to have come with a price.

In early 2012 his Twitter account was hacked. After gaining control over his account he asked the person not to do it again.

Someone hacked my account. I know who did it, but I’m not going to tell. Just please don’t do it again!

— Siwon

Unfortunately for the singer, it happened a second time! Fans were the first to suspect he had been hacked and were even surer when Siwon later made a series of tweets asking people to respect his privacy.

Fellow member, Leeteuk also became worried for his own account tweeted out his own request not to be hacked!

11. Kim Jaejoong’s Sexual Harassment

One time, Jaejoong thought he was simply taking a nice break at a sauna, but it turns out it would instead turn into a bit of a nightmare. During his time there a sasaeng fan snuck up on Jaejoong.

Meanwhile, he was completely oblivious to the fact that the fan was there since he was fast asleep! The fan quickly snapped a photo and posted it on many international fan boards with the caption, “Jaejoong is now sleeping in a sauna.” If that wasn’t already bad enough, she even bragged that she kissed him while he was asleep!

12. Taecyeon’s Bloody Note

While there are plenty of innocent and sweet fan notes out there, 2PM‘s Taecyeon once received one of the most disturbing notes around.

He received an extremely creepy note saying, “You can’t live without me.” What made it even worse was that the note was written in blood! She posted that she wrote it with the blood from her menstrual pad.

When other fans couldn’t really believe it, she again posted a picture of a bloody pad as alleged proof. His fans were absolutely disgusted by this supposed gift and repeatedly told her she needed to apologize. Eventually, she did issue an apology, saying, “I am very obsessive but I’m not a sasaeng, I’m sorry.”

13. Kim Yoo Jung’s Attempted Kidnapping

When Kim Yoo Jung was in elementary school, a sasaeng fan boldly came to her school. He then told her teacher that he was there to pick her up.

While this may be scary enough, he actually was impersonating her father! He attempted to take her with him, but the teacher suspected something was a little strange. She then asked Kim Yoo Jung if she knew him. When she said no, the teacher called the cops.

Thankfully, Yoo Jung was okay!

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