The Fact That These Hit Songs Came Out 10 Years Ago Will Make You Feel Old AF

Its already been 10 years?!

Time passes so quickly, and we barely even think about it – but let this list of 10 hit songs from 2008 remind you that you’re actually getting old! SHAWOLs, Wonderfuls and VIPs, get ready for a walk down memory lane – to a year that many think was “the” year for K-Pop.


1. Wonder Girls – “So Hot”

Hot off the success of 2007’s “Tell Me”, Wonder Girls‘s bold, confident “So Hot” made it big on the charts in 2008 and selling thousands of copies.


2. Wonder Girls – “Nobody”

Nothing was slowing down Wonder Girls in 2008. One-upping their already incredible success, the girls released “Nobody”, which became one the most successful K-Pop hits in the world, ranking in the Billboard Top 100 charts in 2009.


3. BIGBANG – “Haru Haru”

BIGBANG‘s ballad “Haru Haru” is still one of their most defining tracks, and it cemented their top boy band status.


4. Lee Hyori – “U Go Girl”

Lee Hyori‘s bold colors turned heads in this music video, but it was the tune that got everyone bopping. With TWICE recently covering it, the song has leaped back into the K-Pop consciousness.


5. 2PM – “10 Out Of 10”

2PM debuted with this track, which was an immediate hit and began the group’s prolific career – with 11 studio albums and counting.


6. TVXQ – “Mirotic”

After two years on hiatus, TVXQ came back with their 4th studio album and one of their most successful title songs to-date. While a catchy beat doesn’t fully forgive some questionable haircuts in the music video, the guys got fans “under their skin” with this release.


7. Jewelry – “One More Time”

Girl Group Jewelry rivaled Wonder Girls in the single charts with this dance track. It was covered by MAMAMOO in a 2016 medley performance, bringing back memories for fans!


8. SHINee – “Replay”

SHINee‘s debut song became their defining sound, and 10 years later the boys are going song despite the tragedy of losing Jonghyun. Perhaps one of the most bittersweet songs on this list, “Replay” will go down in history as one of the best debut songs.


9. Son Dambi – “Crazy”

Fans went crazy for Son Dam Bi‘s “Crazy” – not just the catchy beat, but the sexy chair dance!


10. Baek Ji Young – “Like Being Shot By A Bullet”

Baek Ji Young‘s powerful ballad was her comeback after having throat surgery, showing off her recovered voice. It’s been covered countless times by idols like AileeKim Feel and Hwang Chi Yeul and considered one of the nation’s most beloved songs.

Source: Insight