6 Personal Facts About Each IVE Member That You Didn’t Know Before, In Their Own Words

And they spoke in straight English!

The lovely members of Starship Entertainment girl group IVE didn’t debut too long ago, so fans don’t know everything about them. But not for much longer it seems! To aid DIVE, the girls each shared one fact about themselves that isn’t well-known yet.

From first to last to speak, check out their answers below.

1. Yujin

First up was Yujin, and she confessed to being a huge fan of Vietnamese spring rolls.

One! I’m in love with Vietnamese spring rolls.

— Yujin

Fresh, healthy, and of course delicious, it’s no wonder she can’t get enough of them!

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2. Gaeul

Gaeul, on the other hand, revealed that she has small feet yet a high instep, which is a deep curve on the side of her footprint.

Two! My feet are small but I have [a] high instep.

— Gaeul

3. Rei

Famous for her unique bangs, Rei shared that she recently had them cut. They’re still in full view, however, so it’s luckily here to stay for now!

Three! In case you didn’t know, I cut my bangs recently.

— Rei

4. Wonyoung

Many people would say that they prefer night to day because it’s their chance to rest, but not Wonyoung. The singer and model likes the day more.

Four! It’s a secret, but I love daytime more than nighttime.

— Wonyoung

5. Liz

Next, Liz got real about her obsession over kombucha and green tea. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t have a glass.

Five! I’m crazy about kombucha and green tea, so I drink them every day.

— Liz

6. Leeseo

Last but certainly not the least, Leeseo confessed that she has a “secret skill” for taking quick showers. Unfortunately, she didn’t reveal anything else about it. Maybe another day!

Six! I bet you didn’t know that I have a secret skill on how to take a very, very quick shower.

— Leeseo

Hear the members say their answers in English in the full clip below.


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