10 Things Every Hardcore K-Pop Addict Knows To Be True

There’s no going back from K-Pop!

1. K-Pop is no longer just music, it’s a way of life.

You’ve probably heard the saying that once you have entered the world of K-Pop you can never leave, but in all honesty, you know it’s true. When you first started listening to K-Pop you probably thought it was going to be like any other music genre.


But somewhere along the way, you realized that K-Pop is so much more than music. There are all the variety shows and behind the scenes from your idols. Then there are the fandoms that allow you to talk with people who are just like you. You know about fandom wars, inside jokes, and everything in between. K-Pop is no longer just music to you, it’s a full way of life!


2. You can identify every member of your bias group within seconds.

Idols change their hair color and styles so often it can be hard to catch up. Every new K-Pop stan feels incredibly accomplished once they learn every member’s names and can properly identify them regardless of what they’re wearing.


That being said, you know you’re a true K-Pop addict when you can recognize each member with a hat, sunglasses, and face mask on in less than 30 seconds.


Perhaps even more impressive is that you can identify someone even when they’re completely covered up! And you can probably do this with multiple groups!


3. When you hear things like BTS or big bang, you’re brain automatically links back to K-Pop.

What do you think of when you hear BTS? Is your first thought the words “behind the scenes” or is it the group?


What about when you hear the word big bang? Do you think of the television show, the scientific theory, or BIGBANG?


If you thought of the group first you’re definitely addicted but what about if you hear the words “why so serious?” If you’re first thought has nothing to do with the Joker and more to do with SHINee or G-Dragon, well every hardcore K-Pop addict is right there with you!


4. You know exactly when each of your favorite groups is having a comeback and plan the perfect moment to watch them.

Maybe you’ve never been one of those people who loves math but your bias will make you do some. You know the exact time difference between South Korea and your hometown so when a teaser says their comeback is going to be released at 12 P.M. KST, you do a quick calculation to determine just when it’s going to release for you.


Then once that’s been determined you can then move on to the most important part, picking the perfect time to watch it. Should you watch it as soon as it’s released even if you already have plans then? Or should you wait until you have a larger chunk of free time so you can watch and listen to it over and over again?


5. A large chunk of your free time is spent watching your groups be goofballs on variety shows, behind the scenes videos, and fan meetings.

Every K-Pop fan knows that although the MVs are visual masterpieces and show just how much hard work the idols put in, the best thing ever is to see your idols letting loose and being the adorable goofballs we all know and love!


And because you love them so much, most of your free time is spent watching them.


6. You know a bunch of different words and phrases that your fandom uses and can correctly use them in any situation.

Do you know how to use “you’ve got no jams” or “dibidibidis my name is Minho?” Of course you do! And you know exactly what situations they would be perfect for!


And maybe you’re a big believer that it’s better to “yehet today, than kkaebsong tomorrow” so you’ll just use all the words that you know without a care for what anyone else thinks!


7. You know the full choreography to at least one song.

Their choreography is always beautiful and you just can’t stop yourself from learning at least one of them.


Even if you’re completely uncoordinated when it comes to dancing you know some of the most basic moves!


8. And of course, you know a good portion if not all the Korean words to your favorite songs.

Whether you’re actively trying to learn Korean or have just learned the lyrics to the song, every hardcore fan doesn’t just sing the English lines!


9. Never having enough money to buy all the things you want.

A K-Pop life is a tough life for your wallet. You want to support your groups in every possible way but it’s a neverending cycle of awesome merch that leaves your wallet feeling sad and empty.


10. Casually watching and rewatching everything with your idols in it.

Were they in a drama, variety show, another artists video? Then you’ve definitely watched them all, over and over again!