11 Facts About ASTRO’s Moonbin That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him

He’s as cute as his nickname, Puppycat!

ASTRO are known for their colorful concepts, bringing light and joy to every stage they step foot on. Fans love them for their teamwork and chemistry, but also because each member has his own unique charms and loveable personality! If you’re not already in love with them, we’ll change your mind very soon. Here are some facts about ASTRO’s charismatic vocalist and main dancer Moonbin that are bound to make you fall in love with him!

| @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

1. “Puppycat” is one of his many nicknames, because he resembles both of these cute animals!

Isn’t Puppycat the cutest nickname ever?

2. He is an incredibly talented dancer–his moves will amaze you!

Wow, spare talent, please.

3. As well as dancing, his vocal skills are no joke.

He definitely needs to sing an OST!

4. His interactions with AROHA are always so adorably funny.

He’ll do anything they ask from him, but he has to tease them a bit first.

5. His love for food is unmatched–watching him eat could make anyone hungry!

Seeing him enjoy his food makes AROHA happy–and hungry.

6. His visuals could woo anybody, and they have!

His cute embarrassed smile at the end makes him even more charming.

7. His muscles are no joke…

We are looking respectfully.

8. He’s an amazing actor, too!

Seriously, is there anything he can’t do?

9. But underneath his cool exterior, he’s a menace to their leader Jinjin!

Well, to all his members, really…

10. Most importantly, he’s a sweetheart with the biggest smile…

Who can never stay serious for too long!

11. And he has the most contagious laugh!

It’s like serotonin.

Be sure to check out Moonbin in ASTRO’s latest comeback, coming out on April 5!