3 Famous Celebrities Who Wore A $1 Jewelry Set And Made It Sell Out In Korea

A famous actress started the trend.

Celebrities can often be spotted donning jewelry worth thousands of dollars. In a unique twist, a jewelry set from Japanese dollar store Daiso has been in hot demand after several famous female celebrities were seen wearing them.

In no particular order, here are three actresses and singers who caused the hype to grow as big as it is now!

1. Han So Hee

Nevertheless actress Han So Hee celebrated her birthday in style. Carrying a fresh bouquet of flowers, she looked stunning in a flowy dress. Netizens immediately noticed the huge red gems on her earrings and necklace.

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

They were surprised to learn that it wasn’t from a luxury jewelry brand but from Daiso’s “Princess Necklace and Earring Set.” The best part? It only costs ₩1,000 KRW ($0.76 USD)!

| Daiso

Despite its affordable price tag, Han So Hee managed to make it look like it costs a million bucks.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram
| @xeesoxee/Instagram

2. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Soon after, “INVU” singer Taeyeon was spotted wearing a different design from the same line in an episode of Amazing Saturday.

Taeyeon | tvN

Her goal that day was to look like royalty, and she succeeded!

She mixed and matched both red and pink gems. The addition of a tiara may be why it was slightly more expensive at ₩3,000 KRW ($2.29 USD). Still, it’s an attainable price for many people.

| Daiso

3. Kim Ha Neul

Last but certainly not the least, 18 Again actress Kim Ha Neul is also a fan of Daiso’s princess set. Similar to Han So Hee, she opted to wear it for her birthday celebration.

Kim Ha Neul | @haneul_jin/Instagram

It was definitely the right decision because it emphasized her youthfulness and femininity!

| @haneul_jin/Instagram

Currently, the jewelry sets are completely sold out in all Daiso stores around Korea with no known restock date. These celebrities proved that an item doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to look beautiful!

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Source: Insight Korea