13 Famous Idols You Never Knew Were Childhood Actors

#8 is literally mind blowing.

1. Wanna One Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon debuted in 2006 as a child actor, appearing in dramas Jumong, The King and I, and Iljimae. He was most famous for his scene in the drama The King and I, where he was castrated and turned into a eunuch.

Now he is a part of Wanna One, the hottest group in Korea and making waves not only domestically, but around the world.

2. EXID Junghwa

Debuting in 2004 in SBS drama Wives on Strike, Junghwa also appeared in Wonder Girls‘ “Tell Me” music video as the student who was getting bullied.

Junghwa now promotes with EXID, who rose to popularity in last 2014 with the re-emergence of their song “Up & Down”.

3. ASTRO Moonbin

Moonbin debuted in 2004 as a child model before transitioning to acting. He appeared in TVXQ‘s “Balloons” music video and most famously played the younger So Yi Jung in hit drama Boys Over Flowers.

Debuting with ASTRO in 2016, Moonbin is now the group’s lead vocalist and as captivating the nation with their good looks and talent.

4. OH MY GIRL Binnie

Before debuting with Oh My Girl, Binnie has acted in popular dramas King of Baking Kim Tak Gu, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Beethoven Virus.

OH MY GIRL has always been known for their comeback concepts and difficult choreography. They also just won their first music show trophy on SBS MTV The Show with “Secret Garden”.

5. GFRIEND Eunha

Eunha debuted in 2007 with a role in KBS drama The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War.

After debuting with GFRIEND, she has enjoyed numerous hit songs with the group, with GFRIEND being considered one of the top girl groups in Korea.

6. BIGBANG Taeyang

Taeyang debuted in 2001, appearing in Jinusean‘s music video for “A-Yo”. A few years later, he acted in the movie “Kiss Me Much”.

BIGBANG has since become one of the biggest Korean groups ever, with their popularity spanning the entire world. Taeyang has also had a very successful solo career and will be getting married to Min Hyo Rin on February 3.

7. BIGBANG G-Dragon

Many people forget G-Dragon also debuted as a child actor like Taeyang. He appeared in the movie “Taebaek Mountains” and also in the tv show BoBoBo.

As the leader of BIGBANG, he has taken the group to heights almost unimaginable. He also is extremely successful as a soloist and a producer.

8. iKON Chanwoo

Chanwoo debuted 6 years before he joined iKON as a child actor in the drama The Great King, Sejeong. He has played the younger version of Lee Min Ho twice, in both Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs.

Chanwoo was the new face to debut alongside the original iKON members (known as Team B then). iKON will be making their comeback on January 25.

9. Sulli

Sulli debuted when she was just 11 years old in SBS drama Ballad of Seodong. Before debuting with f(x), she also acted in SBS drama Vacation and the movie “Babo”.

While Sulli was with f(x), the group experienced lots of success, becoming the first K-Pop group to perform at SXSW. After leaving the group, Sulli continued acting, starring in the movie “Real” and more.

10. BOYFRIEND Minwoo

Minwoo acted in many dramas and movies such as “Ghost Pang Pang”, “My Sweetheart My Darling”, and “Eleventh Mom” before becoming a K-Pop star.

BOYFRIEND has been active in both Korea and Japan since their debut and is one of Starship Entertainment’s oldest artists.

11. TRCNG Jihun

Jihun has acted in a total of 15 dramas and movies before his debut as a singer, making him one of the most veteran child actors out there.

TRCNG gained attention for the group’s average age being 15.9 and has recently made their comeback with their second single album “Who Am I”.

12. FTISLAND Lee Hongki

Lee Hongki has been acting since 2002 and was part of 7 dramas and television shows before his debut with FTISLAND.

After debuting as an artist, Lee Hongki has continued his acting career as well, most recently starring as P.K in tvN drama A Korean Odyssey.

13. SF9 Chani

Chani debuted when he was only 9 years old in the drama Queen Seondeok and continued with roles in Can You Hear My Heart? and Innocent Man.

SF9 has been promoting in both Japan and Korea with success, ranking high on many country’s iTunes charts.

Source: Dispatch