This Fan Art Series Shows What It Would Be Like To Date BTS

Is it getting hot in here…

BTS often refers to A.R.M.Y as their “girlfriend”, but daydreaming fans can’t help but wonder what it would be like to really date the members. DeviantArt user dlazaru brings these fantasies to life with her BTS x Girlfriend series.


1. Jin

One of the best things about this series is how well dlazaru captures each member’s personality. Momma Jincess is known to take care of his members, which includes their cooking meals. It’s only natural that Jin would want to share his cooking talents with his “girlfriend” too!


Jin takes his “girlfriend” on a romantic sea-side dinner date.

After all that cooking, it’s time to eat! Fans have seen this scene play out many times on dramas and We Got Married, but experiencing it with Jin would be a dream come true!


Say “aww”!

More food? Of course! Leftovers can’t go to waste! In this picture Jin feeds his “girlfriend” while she relaxes on the couch.


Jin and his “wife” on their wedding day.

Jin and his former “girlfriend”, now “wife”, get ready to take their first dance. The rose in Jin’s hand is a nostalgic reminder of his love confession in the “Boy in Luv” music video.


2. Suga

BTS members know that it is not a good idea to disturb Suga while he’s sleeping. He tends to curse at them if they try it. But for his “girlfriend”, he might be willing to make an exception.


Suga takes his “girlfriend” out boat watching.

These docks may remind fans of the ones in BTS’s On stage: Prologue music video. How romantic would it be to revisit that place with Suga on a beautiful, summer day?


Suga and his “girlfriend” get playful.

Suga works hard to provide fans with the best music possible. Maybe a little too hard. In this picture, Suga’s “girlfriend” reminds him that it’s okay to take a break!


3. RM 

Chilling out on the couch, listening to great music with his beautiful “girlfriend”. That sounds like RM’s idea of a good date!


RM takes his “girlfriend” out on the town.

Where are they going? To an awards ceremony? A movie premiere? Maybe just a fancy dinner for two? RM’s “girlfriend” would be proud to be seen anywhere with a man as suave as RM on her arm!


RM and his “girlfriend” get caught in the rain…

..but they don’t seem to mind! Like the gentleman he is, RM does his best to shield his “girlfriend” from the storm.


3. J-Hope

This picture captures J-Hope’s cheerfulness as he takes selfies with his “girlfriend”.


J-Hope and his “girlfriend” share a romantic dance.

Fans know that this BTS dancer is a hopeless romantic at heart. He would make his “girlfriend” feel like a princess at a ball.


J-Hope and his “girlfriend” get silly.

J-Hope loves to joke around. There would never be a dull moment!


5. V

In this picture, V shows off his silly, 4D personality by playing around in an absurd lobster hat.


V and his “girlfriend” look like models wherever they go!

V is as sexy as he is silly. He could turn any date into a fashion show!


Prince V spends a day on the beach with his mermaid princess.

In this picture, the artist captures V’s innocent side. Turning his “girlfriend” into a mermaid? That sounds like something V would definitely do!


6. Jimin

Jimin has an incredibly playful, flirty personality. Even during a gym-date, he would find some way to goof around!


“Don’t even think about it.”

Jimin’s fellow member rarely listen to his warnings. Why would his “girlfriend” be any different?


Jimin is a knight in shining armor.

This picture shows off Jimin’s protective side. He would look after his “girlfriend” in every situation.


A summer date on the beach.

Nothing says ‘romantic’ like a little snuggle time in a hammock!


7. Jungkook

Jungkook is well-known for his athleticism and strength. It’s easy to picture him wrestling playfully with his “girlfriend”.


Water gun fight!

This picture shows off Jungkook’s mischievous and fun-loving side. A supersoaker battle? That could be the perfect date!


“Lean on me.”

Jungkook is the strong, steadfast kind of man, a “girlfriend” could depend on.


Be sure to check out dlazaru’s DeviantArt and Tumblr for even more BTS art!

Source: Deviant Art