Fan Makes The GOT7 Pokémon Cards Nobody Asked For But Everyone Desperately Needs


No one was expecting GOT7 Pokémon cards, but here they are. Now we seriously need to catch them all!


1. JB

JB is a fire type Human Pokémon with some amazing powers. He can raise a cat army and destroy everyone with his looks. Yep, that sounds about right! Maybe when he evolves he shows off his amazing leader powers.


2. Mark

The oldest member is knocking out his opponents with his dazzling beauty and his laugh attacks. When he evolves does he gain the powers of extreme pranking?


3. Jackson

This steel type Pokémon can crush any enemy with his thighs or melt anyone’s heart with his puppy eyes. His evolution probably brings the ability to make friends with anyone.


4. Jinyoung

Jinyoung is blessed with his outstanding sass abilities and his finger-flicking moves. We’re pretty sure when he evolves he gains his mom powers.


5. Youngjae

This lightning type is a literal sunshine. He will defeat you with his cute face and powerful voice. When he evolves he is able to defeat anyone who wields cucumbers against him.


6. BamBam

This Human Pokémon is able to slay every opponent with his amazing style and can deal some serious damage with his dab attacks. His evolution most likely comes with the ability to destroy enemies with his Double B powers.


7. Yugyeom

Yugyeom will defeat you with his cute-one-minute-sexy-the-next abilities. He is also blessed with the power to survive even when he’s in immense danger. When he evolves he’s able to team up with BamBam and the two will wreak havoc together.


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