Why BTS Prefers International Media Over Korean, As Explained By A Fan

It all makes sense.

The YouTube channel KOOKIELIT posts a lot about BLACKPINK and BTS, although they do talk about other idols too, it’s obvious that they’re a big ARMY/BLINK!

In one of their most recent uploads, they posted an interesting video about why BTS prefers international TV over Korean TV, and it’ll definitely get you thinking.

1. Past Experiences

Source: KOOKIELIT/YouTube

KOOKIELIT referenced a past experience Jungkook had when he bought burgers for the cast of Flower Crew, and not only did no one want to eat the burgers he thoughtfully bought them, but someone even asked if they were leftovers. T_T

2. Scheduling

Source: KOOKIELIT/YouTube

As all ARMYs know, BTS’s schedule is jam-packed. They quite literally make appearances all over the world! Just this past new year’s eve, they were in New York kicking off the new year with Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Because of their hectic schedule, they have to carefully consider each offer that comes their way in order to not leave themselves even more exhausted.

3. Wider Audience

Source: KOOKIELIT/YouTube

BTS loves all of their fans, Korean AND international. By making appearances on more international media, they allow themselves to be exposed to a wider audience and are able to show love to all of their fans. Plus, appearing on popular talk shows like Jimmy Fallon‘s also gives them the opportunity to expand their fanbase and spread their message of positivity and self-love to even more people!

What do you think about KOOKIELIT‘s points? As for us, we think that anything that helps spread BTS’s positive message is a good thing!

If you want to know more, you’ll have to watch the whole video below: