10 Fan Reactions To aespa’s Comeback Announcement That Are Too Real

aespa is back!

SM Entertainment surprised aespa fans by announcing their upcoming 2nd mini album and pre-releasing one of their tracks, Illusion.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

It’s been almost six months since the group’s last single, “Dreams Come True,” and fans are excited to know they won’t have to wait long for their anticipated comeback.

aespa fans, MYs, took to Twitter to express their excitement and had some relatable reactions to the news.

1. When aespa was dropping hints all along

2. When being a devoted fan pays off

3. Your hopes are now reality

4. Appreciation for the new logo

5. When all you can think about is “Illusion”

6. More reactions to “Illusion”

7. Finally getting an official version of “Life’s Too Short”

Last week:


8. When you can already picture the fashion

9. Hoping for an official lightstick release before they begin promotions

10. General appreciation of the members