Here Are 10+ Fan Reactions To BTS And Coldplay’s “My Universe” That Are Too Relatable

Music has no barriers!

BTS and British rock band Coldplay have finally released their highly anticipated collaboration single “My Universe,” and it’s everything we could have dreamt of!

Here are 10+ fan reactions to the song that are too relatable…

1. The lonely whale isn’t lonely anymore

2. These songs sit at the same table

3. Coldplay and BTS really said music has no language

4. This is one collab that just fits so well

5. Visual representation of all of us right now

6. These songwriters are for real poets

7. Jin stole all of our hearts

8. Until the official music video is released…

9. Halsey is a fan too

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10. Chris Martin is low-key one of BTS’s biggest fans

11. Our playlists be like…

12. BTS and Coldplay concerts are next level… Image a joint tour

13. Considering all of the spoilers Coldplay released themselves, RM is innocent!

14. This song is so meaningful

Listen to “My Universe” by Coldplay and BTS below:

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