20 Relatable AF Reactions To BTS’s Surprise “Black Swan” MV

“Black Swan” MV is here, and no one is prepared for it. No one.

BTS just dropped a new music video for “Black Swan” out of nowhere, and ARMY was not prepared. At. All. Here are 20 very relatable fan reactions to this epic surprise!

1. “Killin’ me now, do you hear me, yeah?”

2. Spoiler King V strikes again

3. Not on the schedule

4. Suffering, Bangtan-style

5. ARMY = shook

6. Never safe

7. Perfect reaction meme. Perfect timing.

8. When it hits you

9. Status: Dead

10. Rise and shine! It’s time to stream.

11. Somebody give the style team a raise!

12. Big Hit is not to be trusted…

13. Devastatingly in love

14. Mind your manners, sir.

15. Not ready!

16. Jungkook, giving ARMY heart attacks for the millionth time

17. Breathe if you agree

18. Stay in your lane, mortals

19. Send help!

20. The phobia every ARMY has