10+ Best Fan Reactions To Red Velvet Seulgi’s Solo Debut MV “28 Reasons” That Everyone Can Relate To

#7 is the straight up truth.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi just dropped her long-awaited solo debut song “28 Reasons,” and it’s everything fans hoped it would be! From the enchanting music video to the shocking lyrics, there was a lot to say about it.

In no particular order, here are the most relatable fan reactions.

1. Seulgi’s Magic Powers

2. The Badass Lyrics

3. Perfection From Start To Finish

4. A Visual Representation Of Fans Running From Her

5. Her Incredible Acting

6. Her Clothes And Bangs

7. The 100% Truth

8. Her Masterful Choreography

9. This Reaction To The Song’s Opening Line

10. And This Other Reaction

11. Her Dog

12. Finally, The Way Everything Gave Fans Goosebumps

And just like that, Seulgi made her solo debut with a bang! Support the Red Velvet singer by watching the “28 Reasons” music video below.

Red Velvet

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