20+ Fan Reactions To TWICE’s “Talk That Talk” MV That Are Just Too Relatable

#10 was everything fans hoped for.

The beautiful girls of TWICE have finally made a comeback with “Talk That Talk,” and it’s incredibly addictive and catchy while still having their signature sound! From the music video to the members’ styling, fans seem to love everything about it.

In no particular order, here are 20+ of the most relatable reactions.

1. Mina’s entire vibe

2. Tzuyu’s heavenly vocals

3. Chaeyoung’s bridge part

4. Jihyo’s lethal look

5. Nayeon wearing red

6. Momo’s perfect outfits

7. Sana looking flawless in black

8. Jeongyeon’s pretty dress

9. Dahyun’s fantastic singing

10. TWICE’s Y2K concept

11. Momo’s deep voice

12. Tzuyu in the center

13. Chaeyoung’s adorable hairstyle

14. Jihyo’s unbelievable visuals

15. Nayeon’s impressive performance

16. Sana slaying with her motorbike

17. Jeongyeon’s incredible beauty

18. Dahyun bright smile

19. Mina’s insane charisma

20. TWICE’s power

21. TWICE’s hidden message

As expected, the song was insanely good, and fans seem to enjoy it a lot! On that note, watch the music video for “Talk That Talk” below.