Here Are Some Un-Edited Photos Of BTS’s Jin, Proving Once Again He Is “Worldwide Handsome”

Our visual king.

Among all the wonderful K-Pop idol eye candies, these un-edited versions of BTS Jin‘s photos are bound to satisfy. His “no filter needed” moments, captured by his loving fan site masters, have proved once again that his title as “Worldwide Handsome” still stands true!

He look flawless even with super close zoomed-up shots

His side-profile is just perfection

Looking like a prince even with no-editing

Even his tiny face hair looks flawless

Honestly, we don’t need to waste time editing because he doesn’t need it!

If this is how he looks un-edited, imagine seeing him in-person

A literal god

And to to think that he is almost thirty!

For a side-by-side comparison, here is a before editing photo…

…and this is after editing! Do we see a difference? We don’t!

Here’s a clip showing a super zoomed up image of Jin, to show how flawless he is even before editing!

If this isn’t perfection, we don’t know what is!

This listicle originally stated the pictures included had been shared in celebration of April Fools’ Day. They were shared on April Fools’ Day but not specifically in relation to the day.


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