10 Fan-Taken Photos Of BTS’s Jimin That Prove He’s Even More Handsome In Real Life

#6 is 🔥🔥

BTS‘s Jimin is so handsome!

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

While Jimin always looks great in magazine photoshoots and official photos, he looks even better in person. Here are 10 fan photos that prove just how handsome Jimin is in real life!

1. His smile is everything

Jimin looks so happy to be with ARMY!

2. We have no words for this

This photo of Jimin is beyond gorgeous!

3. Sharpest jawline ever

Jimin’s side profile is so beautiful!

4. He’s so ethereal

Jimin is breathtakingly handsome!

5. Pink-haired Jimin will forever be iconic

He’s just too cute!

6. Radiating hot CEO vibes

His visuals in this photo are blowing our minds!


7. We will never stop talking about his eye smile

Happiness looks so good on Jimin!

8. He looks like a prince

Are we absolutely certain Jimin isn’t royalty??

9. Never getting over this photo

Jimin is a living, breathing work of art!

10. Imagine seeing this Jimin in person

We would not survive this!