ARMYs Analyze The “Map of the Soul: 7” Track List Because Everything Has Meaning With BTS

Anything could mean something in the world of BTS.

On February 17, BTS dropped the new track list for their new album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 and fans have not stopped analyzing and theorizing the tracks ever since. It’s quite rare to find a group that needs thorough analysis and fan theories for just the track list. It’s no surprise to ARMYs because they’ve been doing this with all their music, from lyrics to music videos to concept photos, not one thing doesn’t have meaning to it. Let’s take a look at some of the things ARMYs have analyzed so far.

Jin made a joke on Weverse regarding a bear rolling and when turning the Korean word for bear upside down, we get the Korean spelling for the word ‘moon’. Fans speculate that Jin was giving a hint towards one of their songs on the track list titled “Moon,” which he also took part in writing in.

During their Map of the Soul: Persona press conference, they were asked the question of why there wasn’t an outro for the album. This new track list explains why (Intro: Persona-> Outro: Ego).

They also noticed that although Suga’s Interlude: Shadow Comeback Trailer was 3 minutes long, the actual song on the track list is 4 minutes 20 seconds long, meaning there is something more to the song that we haven’t heard yet.

Some believe that this new album may have been in the works since the HYYH era after seeing this question being answered around that time. The question reads, “If you were to do a unit group with Jungkook, what would the name of the unit group be and what type of music would you want to do?” The answer to the question reads, “ON. Urban style.” This could reference the new album’s title song, “ON.”

Jungkook also left a message on Weverse on January 15, 2020 that read, “Fighting to those ARMYS with a time difference too!” Fans thought that this could have been another spoiler to track number 9 called “시차” (Time Difference).

“Black Swan” might have been the first song to release because it was the seventh track for the album Map of the Soul: 7. This could show just how important the number ‘7’ is for this comeback.

This clip of RM working on music had fans in tears as they new just how hard he and the other members have worked to create these albums. This is also the reason why fans take it seriously when BTS releases music, analyzing and theorizing the meanings behind them, in order to fully understand the group’s message.

What other theories or analysis have you come up with from the track list? Let us know!