These 5+ Fan Theories About “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Will Leave You Questioning Everything You Think You Know Already

Could this wholesome K-Drama turn dark?

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Netflix and tvN‘s newest K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha has quickly become a fan favorite. The story focuses on opposites attracting as dentist Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) and freelance handyman Chief Hong Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) grow closer over time.

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It’s certainly the comfort show of many right now, yet some fan theories have left us wondering if this wholesome show will take a surprisingly dark path with its storyline in the end. Either way, we’re certain that the drama will be healing for everyone.

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Here are 5+ fan theories about Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha that will leave you questioning everything you think you know already…

1. Du Sik was married with a child, and he lost them both, likely to a car accident.

We know that Du Sik clearly has suffered trauma, which is why he frequently has horrible nightmares. Throughout his life, he has lost everyone close to him, from his parents to his grandfather.

In episode 6, we see him crying while looking at a photo that shows a man and woman with a baby, but we are not shown the man. Could it be Du Sik?


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Originally, many just assumed the photo was him as a baby with his parents, but with this theory, we’re definitely second-guessing. It is suspicious that the man in the photo was not seen.


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Additionally, we suspect that Du Sik, along with his family, was in a car accident. This was how he lost his family and also why he appears to have an injury in this scene from episode 9.

2. Hye Jin was in the same car accident

In episode 7, we find out that Hye Jin has a herniated disk due to a car accident…

So, it seems very likely it could have been the same car accident which affected both leads badly.

3. Du Sik lost more than just family

While it’s a common theory that Du Sik had a family during the five years that he was not in Gongjin, some people remain convinced that he didn’t. One reason is because of his indifferent reaction to a baby photo.

Still, he could have been hiding the pain as usual. Besides, we know how great he is with kids, so it doesn’t completely rule out the theory.

However, another thing has caused many to believe that, while he did still lose more than just his parents and grandfather, it’s not a wife and kids. In episode 9, Du Sik is seen at a funeral in his flashback, and there’s clearly a picture of a man.

So, now fans are theorizing even more. One possibility is that it could be a close friend or coworker who died on the job.

4. Du Sik and Hye Jin knew each other before

We know that the two leads met a very long time ago as little kids when Hye Jin’s family visited Gongjin. In the latest episode, even Du Sik realized upon seeing the childhood photo that he had seen her before.

Du Sik looking at Hye Jin’s childhood photo. | Netflix

Now, there is reason to believe they had met once again before. In episode 7, we find out that the “Superman” effect of wearing glasses totally works on Du Sik as he cannot recognize the writer, Wang Ji Won. Hye Jin used to wear glasses a long time ago, but now doesn’t, so he might have met her before but couldn’t recognize her.

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Du Sik also knows a lot about alcohol. He can even make it! So, an additional part of the theory is that Du Sik worked at the bar that Hye Jin went to when she came across her ex-boyfriend badmouthing her.

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In episode 10, Du Sik reveals that Hye Jin is the second person he could open up to, causing both her and viewers to wonder who the first is. So, some wonder if Hye Jin was actually both the first and second person he could open up to.

It could also be less deep than we imagine it to be. The first person could actually just be his therapist/psychiatrist.

5. Du Sik or Officer Kang Hyoung Sukwon the lottery

In episode 7, we find out that a Gongjin won the lottery three years ago, yet no one in the town knows who it is. So, naturally, we all start wondering who it is…


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It seems very likely it might be none other than Du Sik himself. This is why he is able to not only freelance but get paid minimum wage. How else can someone not only survive off of that but still have a nice home, not to mention a helicopter or boat?


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Another strong possibility could be that it is Officer Kang Hyoung Sukwon, and that’s why he didn’t care to accept Pyo Mi Seon’s lottery ticket at first.

Hyoung Sukwon rejecting lottery ticket from Mi Seon. | Netflix

6. Yeo Hwa Jung and Yu Cho Hui are love interests

We recently found out that no one but Yeo Hwa Jung knows the real reason why she and Chang Yeong Guk got divorced. Now that there’s a love triangle in the picture, it has us all wondering if perhaps part of the reason is that someone had harboring feelings for their old friend Cho Hui, and no, we are not talking about Yeong Guk.


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It definitely seemed like Cho Hui possibly had feelings for Hwa Jung, but it seems like Hwa Jung might feel the same way. That would explain why upset she was about her ex-husband pursuing Hwa Jung. It’s not because she still has feelings for him, but rather, she still has feelings for Hwa Jung herself.

Hwa Jung (left) and Choi Hui (right) | Netflix

She has been very secretive about why she got a divorce, and the Gongjin residents have said that she was a “tomboy.”

What are your Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha theories?

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is currently airing every Saturday and Sunday. International fans can watch on Netflix.

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