Fans Can’t Decide Whether Red Velvet Wendy’s Visual Peak Is With Long Hair Or Short Hair

She’s just too gorgeous for fans to make a decision!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy is a vocal and a visual goddess, and while everybody agrees with all her vocal beauty, its her visual beauty that’s got everybody stumped!

Fans recently decided to vote: which one looks better on Wendy, longer hair or a shorter? Take a look at the contending pictures, and decide for yourselves!

1. Long brown-blonde ombré…

2. …or short brown bob?

3. Long purple locks…

4. …or fluffy, shoulder-length dark hair?

5. Long, red-haired Wendy’s definitely one of the strongest contenders on this list!

6. But short, blonde Wendy’s also making her way to the top!


Fans just can’t seem to decide. What about you?

Red Velvet