Fans Claim Baekhyun Is Actually Multiple People, With Different Auras

A different aura for every occasion.

Baekhyun is known for his bright and cheerful personality but fans have noticed there is actually a lot more to him. He’s got so many different auras that its almost like he’s a whole bunch of different people in one body!


1. Fierce

Fierceness is all about how someone carries themselves. Sometimes Baekhyun transcends sexy and jumps straight to fierce.


Whenever Baekhyun dances, it’s like he transforms into a different person. There’s just something about the way he moves that takes it to the next level.


2. Sexy

But Baekhyun is also the master of being sexy.


With a simple, sultry look or a flash of his abs, he makes his fans weak in the knees.


3. Sharp

While sexy, fierce, and sharp are similar they are also quite different. Being sharp is all about having a certain edge.


When Baekhyun wears blue contacts his look isn’t just an ordinary sexy but there’s that certain something to his look that drives fans wild.


4. Cute

Sometimes Baekhyun is filled with a child-like wonder that contributes to his cuteness.


His bright smile and fun personality are also a big contributor to his cute side.


5. Playful

Baekhyun is also known to be super playful.


He loves to goof around and make his fellow members laugh.


6. Shy

Baekhyun also shows a different form of his cute aura when he’s shy.


Baekhyun actually has a shy personality according to his members.


7. Puppy

Whenever Baekhyun is just a little bit pouty he reminds fans of a puppy.


His aura is a little bit sulky but a whole lot of cute!


8. Angelic

And then there are times when there is no better way to describe Baekhyun than angelic.


His visuals are so on point, but he’s not being sexy, shy, or cute. He’s simply glowing with an ethereal beauty.

Source: Pann Nate