Fans Come Up With 20 K-Pop Songs That Would Be Extremely Hard To Perform Live

Between insane vocals and difficult dances, it’s amazing anyone can perform these live!

There are never really any “easy” songs when it comes to performing in K-Pop, but there are definitely some that are harder to perform live than others. Recently, K-Pop fans made a list of some of the songs that they think would be the most difficult to perform live, whether it’s intense and difficult vocal lines or hard to perform dances, or a combination of both! Here are 20 of their top choices.

1. TVXQ: “Rising Sun”

Reason(s): Intricate choreography and difficult vocal lines

2. Red Velvet: “Really Bad Boy”

Reason(s): Need ability to belt properly for it to sound good

3. Taemin: “Move”

Reason(s): One of the hardest known dances in K-Pop

4. Akdong Musician: “Dinosaur”

Reason(s): Very high, difficult notes

5. IU: “Good Day”

Reason(s): Very difficult 3-note sequence at end of song

6. Brown Eyed Girls: “Sixth Sense”

Reason(s): Incredibly difficult and intricate vocals and harmonizing

7. Red Vevet: “Dumb Dumb”

Reason(s): Difficult choreography to do while singing


Reason(s): Extremely difficult choreography to sync up

9. NCT U: “The 7th Sense”

Reason(s): Very unusual & difficult choreography to pull off well

10. Dreamcatcher: “Chase Me”

Reason(s): Intense, cardio-heavy dance that would be hard to sing while doing

11. EXID: “I Love You”

Reason(s): Difficult vocal ranges to cover

12. NCT Dream: “Chewing Gum”

Reason(s): Performing while on a hoverboard!

13. GFRIEND: “Love Whisper”

Reason(s): Difficult dancing with difficult, high-note singing

14. SHINee: “Everybody”

Reason(s): Incredibly hard to both dance and sing live

15. Girls’ Generation-TTS: “Holler”

Reason(s): Extremely difficult, straining vocals

16. TEEN TOP: “Rocking”

Reason(s): Insane footwork

17. LOONA: “So What”

Reason(s): High-intensity dance to go with difficult vocals

18. BTS: “DNA”

Reason(s): Difficult/intense dancing during vocal-heavy lines

19. Super Junior: “It’s You”

Reason(s): Powerful, high-range backing vocals near end of song

20. Ailee: “Reminiscing”

Reason(s): Powerful vocals in need of expert skills

Source: Forum