Fans Compile Extensive List Of Useful Korean Phrases You Can Tweet At Idols

Take this crash course in Korean 101 so you can tweet your love to your fav!

A BTS V fan on Twitter tweeted a list of Korean phrases that are simple, sweet, and copy-pastable and the tweet blew up among global fans who have been looking for something more meaningful to say other than “English pls”.

The list is a perfect cheat sheet for any time of day, any type of posting.


1. Early Morning Phrases

Here’s how to comment at the beginning of the day. Wish your favorite K-Pop idols well with a positive greeting that will pick up their day!


Good morning! – 굿모닝!
It’s a good day! – 좋은 아침이에요!
Did you sleep well last night? – 어제 잘 잤어요?
Hope you had a good dream! – 좋은 꿈 꾸셨길 바라요!
How do you feel today? – 오늘 컨디션 어때요?
Fighting* today as well! – 오늘도 화이팅!
Have strength! – 힘내세요!
Have a good day! – 좋은 하루 되세요!

*”Fighting”, or “hwaiting”, is a common Korean-English phrase used for encouragement.




2. End of the Day Phrases

When you see an Instagram post or a tweet about your bias wrapping up after a long day, use these phrases!


You worked hard today! – 수고했어요!
Today must have been hard! – 오늘 고생했어요!
Go home and get some rest – 집에 가서 쉬어요
Get home safe! – 조심해서 가요!
You look tired – 피곤해 보여요
Go to bed early! – 일찍 자요!
Good night! – 굿나잇! or 굿밤!
Sleep tight! – 잘 자요!


3. Any Time is a Good Time Phrases

Whenever you want to express your worries, or simply shower the idol with praise and love, you can select one of these phrases.


Be careful not to get sick – 감기 조심하세요
Don’t get sick – 아프지 마세요
Be careful – 조심해요
Are you okay? – 괜찮아요?
Get a lot of rest – 푹 쉬어요
Have you eaten? – 밥 먹었어요?
Don’t miss your meals – 밥 거르지 마세요
Don’t starve yourself – 밥 굶지 마세요
Eat a lot of good food! – 맛있는 거 많이 먹어요
How did the shoot go? – 녹화 잘 했어요?
How did the recording go? – 녹음 잘 했어요?
It’s okay – 괜찮아요
You can do it! – 할 수 있어요!
You’ll be fine – 괜찮을 거예요


4. Thankful phrases

When you just need to say thank you to your favorite idol in the whole world, these phrases will come in handy.


Thank you – 고마워요
Thank you so much – 너무 고마워요
Thank you for being born – 태어나 줘서 고마워요
Thank you for making good music – 좋은 음악 만들어줘서 고마워요
Thank you for being the light in this dark world – 어두운 세상에 제 빛이 되어줘서 고마워요
Thank you for giving me strength – 힘이 되어줘서 고마워요


5. Doting phrases

Your bias is amazing and they deserve to know it! Let them know with one of these lovely phrases:


You are perfect to me – 제 눈엔 완벽해요
Words can’t express how much I love you – 제 사랑을 말로 다 표현할 수가 없어요
You stole my heart – 제 마음을 훔쳐가셨어요
You’re so handsome! – 너무 잘생겼어요!
You’re so pretty! – 너무 예뻐요!
You’re so cute! – 너무 귀여워요!
You’re so sexy! – 너무 섹시해요!
You’re so awesome, it hurts my heart – 너무 멋있어서 심장이 다 아파요
I love you! – 사랑해요!
ILYSM! – 완전 사랑해요!
I love you to death – 죽을만큼 사랑해요
I miss you – 보고싶어요!
Please come back soon! – 빨리 컴백해주세요

Please be happy! – 행복하세요!
You’re always in my heart – 언제나 제 마음 속에 있어요
I think about you all the time – 항상 생각하고 있어요
Your song comforts me – 노래 듣고 있으면 마음이 편해져요

Go smother your pick of K-Pop stars with love and gratitude!


6. Other Helpful Phrases

For the special occasions, these phrases will help!

Happy birthday! – 생일축하해요!
Happy New Year! – 새해 복 많이 받아요!
Happy __th anniversary! – __주년 축하해요!
Congratulations! – 축하해요!
Congratulations for winning #1! – 1위 축하해요! 


7. Helpful Tips

You can always add one of these four words— 오빠 (oppa), 형 (hyung), 언니 (unni), 누나 (noona) —at the beginning or the end of these phrases.


Call your bias 오빠-oppa if you’re female and the star is an older male.
Call your bias 형-hyung if you’re male and the star is an older male.
Call your bias 언니-unni if you’re female and the star is an older female.
Call your bias 누나-noona if you’re male and the star is an older female.

If you’re older than your bias, you can call her/him by her/his name of course!
Simply add the common Korean suffix “씨” at the end of the name.

So for a female fan to say good night to an older male star, it will look like this:
오빠 굿밤! or 굿나잇 오빠!
For an older fan to tell a younger star to sleep tight, it will look like this:
Chungha씨 잘 자요! or 잘 자요 Chungha씨!


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