The Sexiest Male Group Choreographies Ever According To Fans

Here are some of the top sexiest male choreographies according to Korean netizens!

Fans have been debating about the sexiest male group choreography through an online community and considering that there are so many, it’s nearly impossible to determine the sexiest of them all! It doesn’t come as a surprise, however, that a good majority of them are BTS’ choreography. Here are some of the top choices by Korean netizens in no particular order!


1. BTS’ “Tomorrow”


2. EXO’s “The Eve”


3. BTS’ “I Like It Pt. 2”


4. EXO’s “Artificial Love”


5. VIXX’s “Love Me Do”


6. BTS’ “Blood Sweat & Tears”


7. BTS’ “Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)”


8. BTS’ “Run”


9. BTS’ “Fake Love”



10. BTS’ “Let Go”


11. VIXX’s “Black Out”


12. VIXX’s “Havana (Camila Cabello)”


13. VIXX’s “Chained Up”


14. BTS’ “No More Dream Dance Break”


15. BTS’ “Baepsae”


16. NCT’s “Baby Don’t Stop”


17. NU’EST W’s “Dejavu”

Source: Pann Nate