Fans Discuss 14 Obvious Main Dancers In K-Pop Groups That Stand Out Amongst Other Members

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While almost all K-Pop idols have some dancing skills, some definitely have more than others, which is why main dancer positions exist in groups. Recently fans discussed main dancers that they think really stand out among the rest of their group and are clearly the best dancer. Here are 14 idols that they came up with.

1. Dreamcatcher’s SuA

“Sua from Dreamcatcher. I know they’re all incredible dancers, but Sua’s just that tiny bit sharper than everyone”

“I know it’s a meme but every time I watch SuA dance, even in a busking or a practice, I always laugh and say You didn’t have to go that hard! It’s almost like she becomes the dance itself, as weird as that sounds.”

2. NCT’s Ten

“Ten from WayV/NCT. I think he also holds his own in SuperM, too!”

“I’m still very new to kpop, and new to NCT, but Ten basically punched me in the face with that one – he is such a stand out performer.”

3. Seungyeon (formerly of CLC)

“CLC Seungyeon for sure, she’s so underrated but she’s a phenomenal dancer and makes it known. She’s done a lot of monthly choreography videos on the cube YT channel i believe.”

4. Lee Howon (formerly of INFINITE)

“Back when Hoya was still in INFINITE, I’d always see comments on their dance practices from new fans who’d say that their eyes automatically drifted to him. It’s hard for me to explain, but even when he’s not in the center for dance breaks, Hoya’s dancing is still eye catching! We know how much he loves dancing haha.”

5. ONEUS’s Hwanwoong

“Hwanwoong from Oneus. It’s not that the other members are bad dancers, but he sticks out a lot. Imo he might be among the best idol dancers of recent years, and it shows. He has a lot of control, fluidity, killer facial expressions, is a great choreographer as well. When you watch a Oneus performance you’ll 80% of the time look at Hwanwoong unless you’re REALLY determined to focus on something else”

“I’ve only just recently started watching some oneus dance practices and this guy truly stands out. Not just for his dancing, which is seriously on point, but he really is an all around star.”

“Hwanwoong from ONEUS! He almost gut punches you with the fact because he is so good.”

6. TWICE’s Momo

“I’d say Momo from Twice. Just the way she moves is different, imo. And while yes, she does have solo dance breaks that basically point her out as the main dancers, if you watch just her fancams, her skill is apparent even amongst the group.”

“TWICE’s Momo has really good form and her shapes are very clear down. She hits every move cleanly and that’s probably from waacking background where she has to be clean and precise which lends itself super well to Twice‘s choreography. In a more flowing routine, I would question whether she would be as strong.”

“Definitely Twice’s Momo. Everyone knows she’s the best dancer in the group even during Sixteen everyone there says she’s the best dancer in the competition.”

7. EXO’s Kai

“Man looks like he was born to dance and it was obvious from EXO’s debut, he stands out no matter who he’s dancing with.”

8. LOONA’s Yves

“LOONA has a really strong dance line in that they could all be main dancers of a group in their own right, but Yves still manages to make it fairly obvious that she’s the strongest dancer.”

“Yves is pretty obviously the best dancer in the group”

“In my opinion, I say Yves from Loona”

9. Stray Kids’ Minho

“Minho from Stray Kids. Hyunjin, Felix, and Bang Chan are all excellent dancers, but Minho just has this ease and cleanness to his moves that puts him a slight step above.”

10. BLACKPINK’s Lisa

“Blackpink Lisa, her technique is so amazing I think it’s easy to tell even with easy dance moves”

“She’s all forms of strong and intense. She’s very controlled and she’s got a lot of stage presence. From what I’ve seen though she has a very unique style in the sense that is in your face. She stands out in the group mostly because while the other girls follow choreography, she makes it her own. The other girls unfortunately do look quite weak in comparison. I would really like to see her try for something softer or something unfamiliar.”

11. SHINee’s Taemin

“Shinee’s Taemin is a main dancer for a sole other reason. Because he’s so unconventional. K-POP is insanely stylistic that it’s rare to see someone do the different or just go against the grain. Seeing him doing more feminine traits and work with people like Koharu, and be easily transcends his dance into an art. While all of Shinee have particularly difficult routines he has a suaveness and simplicity that I think is quite difficult to achieve. He really just shines.”

12. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon


“Iz*one’s Chaeyeon. We’ve seen her dance a lot of covers and seen some of her freestyle (according to what Produce says) and she really is as her nickname says: a feather. She may not be as strong on shapes but her general foundation of dance seems a lot more varied than the latter two. She seems to be able to attack a wider variety of dance styles and that probably makes her a lot more flexible and versatile. I’d like her to tackle styles that are specific like waacking or krumping or even modern contemporary to see how she fares.”

13. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

“SNSD’s Hyoyeon has something street about her which I enjoy. Her years of experience really do show because you can see her seamlessly pull off a number of different styles. She has kind of an edginess that seems to not be in as many females which is interesting because SNSD’s music has been noted as being very much the opposite of that. It does make me wonder how she is with dance nowadays especially as a senior idol. I wonder if she could compete.”

14. ATEEZ’s Yunho

“Yunho stands out like whoa. And I think it’s rare for someone so tall to be able to dance like that?”

“Their limbs are longer so they have to dance ahead of the beat and not go full out to compensate, but with Yunho he’s able to blend well with the shorter members while maintaining such great control. He’s really underrated as a dancer but he’s definitely one of the best of the new gen”