Fans Discuss 25 Forgotten Old Gems In K-Pop That New Fans Should Know

How many of these songs have you heard?

K-Pop has gotten increasingly popular over the last couple of years, which is awesome! It’s great to see more people get into the genre and enjoy something that older fans have been trying to get more people into for a long time. Because of all the great music that is coming out these days, however, some new fans might not feel the need, or even know, to look back at older music that used to be popular years ago that may be somewhat unknown about to the new generation of K-Pop fans! Recently, some fans created a forum to discuss “hidden gems” in older K-Pop days that they think new fans should know about. Here are 25 of them!

1. B.A.P: “One Shot”

2. TEEN TOP: “Miss Right”


4. LEDApple: “Time is Up”

5. Ailee: “Heaven”

6. Se7en: “When I Can’t Sing”

7. Outsider: “Loner”


9. HELLOVENUS: “Venus”

10. EXO: “Angel”

11. Henry Lau: “Trap”


13. After School: “First Love”


15. CLC: “Pepe”

16. Brave Girls: “Do You Know”

17. Domino Game: “Kiss&Cry”

18. Rania: “Killer”

19. Lunafly: “How Nice Would It Be”

20. Super Junior: “It’s You”

21. DBSK: “Love in the Ice”

22. Shannon Williams: “Why Why”

23. SHINee: “Symptoms”

24. EvoL: “Magnet”

25. MBLAQ: “Mona Lisa”

Source: Forum
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